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14 May 2011

Taking Apart The PES 2012 Video

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Every year before Konami release a Gameplay video we always get videos that will feature the game being played in the background. Whether its from a studio tour of Konami like last year for PES 2011 or like this year with the Seabass video we got yesterday.

I have taken the video released yesterday by Konami and used just the parts that Seabass and the TV behind him are present and zoomed in on the TV to get a bigger picture. The quality isn't brilliant and I am no master in editing but I done my best and I think it really shows how much of a improvement PES 2012 Gameplay is over PES 2011. It seems to move so smoothly and fluidly.

Here is the video and don't forget to watch in HD to help with the quality a little.
Also at the same time as uploading mine Rage06 from Twitter and WENB forums has uploaded his work (here)

Rage06 also made a second video which just features Gameplay elements taken from the video but not the ones from Widecam or behind Seabass. Here is his video below.

Great work as always by the community. If you have made any videos or .gif files from the footage released yesterday then pop a link to your work in the comments and I shall put them in a post.
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