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7 June 2011

Ask Jon Murphy

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Jon Murphy will be answering a selection of questions asked him on twitter once he is back from E3 in LA. All you will need to do is tweet him your question using the following tag "#pesQs". So get tweeting.

Also tonight Jon has been tweet some info on the latest code they are showing at E3 his tweets are below.

"An hour before my first presentation, so thought I'd give you a heads up. Code will be behind closed doors. Very solid build for gameplay"

"Will use demo vids to show improvements. Many are connected to Active AI and difficult to spot but make major changes play"

"Teamwork is really key and gameplay is king - really satisfying. Active AI runs through all situations including refs. Flow is now great"

"Oh and nets are square"

"Great reaction to code. Active AI immediately obvious all over pitch. Refs getting good reaction. Off Ball Control makes the game feel new"
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