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30 June 2011

Exclusive - Spanish Top Player Interview

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Here we have the first interview bought to you by PESKings and we are sure that it won't be the last. Oliver from PESKings.net (Spanish) held a interview with one of the best players of PES in Spain Isra_21. He will play the Spanish National Final that will be held in the Bernabeu, So we want to know his impressions about that tournament and of course, his opinion about the PES Series.

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Before we start with the interview just a quick note that it was held in Spanish so it has all been translated the best possible. Hopefully most is understandable.

Hello Isra_21, could you introduce yourself a little to the followers of PESKings?

Hi, my name is Israel Martinez, I am 24 years old I'm from Almansa (Albacete). I'm a pretty simple guy, a friend of my friends and for hobbies I like taking part in sports like football, tennis, paddle tennis and I also enjoy travelling.

How long you been playing PES?

I've been playing since I was a little one when we had ISS, I use to play with my brothers, but officially since last year when I started "important" competitions and made a great friend Marlito, I got more into the full game.

What game in the series is your favourite and why?

For me the most complete experience has to be PES 6, it was a great game with great Gameplay, and a very well done complete online mode.

What makes PES your choice over other football games on the market?

Simple, PES is more realistic in all aspects, Gameplay, fun, entertainment, attacking, compared with FIFA which is much more predictable.

From what we have seen so far what do you think of PES 2012?

This question is very good, because every year I think the same, it will be better than the last, sometimes unfortunately that is not always the case, From my point of view, I would leave this game like it is, and give it small tweaks and new things to add more reality to the game, from what little I've seen, it seems that the AI is much improved, and the movements are meaningful, but of course then when you play and take some time, will emerge the "real" things.

What do you think of PES 2011?

With PES6 I think it's the best I have played, in my view, it is a game of touch, with many new arrivals, good gameplay, but with errors, and looks like a game that is only "half done" hopefully PES 2012 will be the ULTIMATE GAME for the good of all.

What improvements would you like to see in the PES series?

I'd like it that when after some time of playing, it continues to amaze me. Improve on the online mode and give more realism to the keepers. Dribbling more virtuous and it could acquire all the licenses of the teams.

You have already entered in PESLEAGUE (PES official tournament), we are aware that last season you played the National Final, how did you access?

As I was unaware of its existence since I played PES on PC. I went to a tournament in person, in which I did not pass the group stages, and from there it all began. The first thing I did was buy a PS3, and the first online tournament I competed in was PESLeague. I managed to win, then a runner up and a semi-finalist, I qualified for my territory competition online, as no2 as in person at tournaments I didn't have good performances, the best was a 4th place in Sagunto.

We know that in early season group stages you failed to progress in person, what made you so much better finishing third in the National Final?

It is clear that although I lost, I learned a lot from these defeats, and no matter if you fall, what matters is rising, provide your best release slowly and consistently and always play against the best, so I could get a good level to compete with so many people level.

We understand that you will play in this year's National Final to be played in the Bernabeu, what do you see your chances of winning?

Whenever you are in that select group, you have possibilities, but it is very difficult because they are the 32 best players in Spain, and as we most need to "take the day", however my intention is to win, as in every tournament that I've played, if I think about losing, just not go, although it is an achievement to be there with the best.

How did you reach the final, for items online or in person tournaments?

This year on both sides (lol). I'm the first of the Eastern Territory, and second of online territory, with which both sides and I am satisfied that both the level is incredible.

How will you prepare for the tournament, increasing the hours of play before you go? Do you prepare in any special way?

Yes, I will increment hours of play, and play with people known, who go to the final too, to give it my best and get the best possible performance. And that is the way, maybe some left to play in Offline and little else.

You are one of the best, but which opponent is for you to beat this season in the National Final?

For me this year, there is a high level, but as usual favorites are the champions of Spain last year (Smolldinho), and his brother Superdinho (2 time champion of Spain and runner-up in Europe), then there is a list where all of my clan, they can win, the level is very even, I sincerely believe that this year, one of our clan will rise to victory.

Without giving to much detail to your opponents, how do you describe your way of playing in PES 2011? Tactics depending on how you prepare to play the rival, or already have predetermined ideas and change just depends on how's the score? Did you have to go changing a lot until you find the current level?

 My style is based on ball possession, pressure to quickly recover the ball and like to play attack; I do not like speculating with the result. I have my own style, not usually change to play against who you play, but of course depends on how the game is obvious, to do one thing or other, if I'm losing, and I have to win, try to put 4 front and 2 midfielders and if I win and the opponent is hard, because I backed down depending on how much remains, if any expelled ... And as if I've changed, because the truth is not, the tactics are the same as when I started playing this year, almost unchanged.

We understand that you play representing a multi squad called "Dementes Gaming", Can you comment on this? You are the captain, but what other colleagues have?

Well it is true, we raised the idea and our whole team agreed to it very willingly, they help us in what they can, and we try to get good results, for the moment, we cannot complain. The colleagues are: Marlito, Raven, Pabloartista, Erkobra, Scorp1nho, Jimeninho, Balagol, and a server.

Do you know other multisquads in Spain?

Almost all are foreign, MOUZ, DA-GAMING, the Spanish multisquads not bet on Pro Evolution Soccer because the community is dying, from the Online is not playable.

Sorry for the question. There are rumours that you and your colleagues of clan “Dementes Gaming” has been questioned for lack of sportsmanship and when one of you is already in high positions and comfortable, is left to lose when he plays with a colleague of clan, What do you have to say about these rumours?

In this question I will say what I think and I will not bite the tongue, both my peers and I are tired of these.
* 1 each is in the position that he deserves and merits.
* 2 if there is any proof of that take it out.
* 3 neither I nor my colleagues, have to justify more, we laugh totally false insinuations.
* And finally, to say that envy is very bad and they look that have done badly, to not be in our positions.

Another question, another rumour. A colleague, "Scorp1nho" of your clan, we understand that you do not know all the clan least this one, nor have you seen his photograph, Can you shed some light on this?

(lol) True, I know him and talk to every day, but it is true that I have not ever seen or how he is, we, the clan, believe that he is CR7 (lol).

How about taking the season at the level of tournaments won both individual and clan? What about the prizes?

For individual, I've won 3 tournaments in Lan (Alicante, Murcia and Novelda) with prizes, 250 €, 120 € and 120 € and a PSP, get 3rd in Alicante, and Online I won the Christmas Tournament and several runners-up.

Changing the subject a bit to finish the interview. We understand that you are a boys football coach, what team? Does it help you live the real football that way to be better in PES?

When preparing tactics, for example I'm a coach of C.D.B. Castillo Almansa - Sportman, junior class, children 12 and 13, they have had a great season and now we have a few summer tournaments. I live football because it is the sport that I like and my passion since I was little, in terms of the real, it hasn't nothing to do with the virtual, it doesn't help.

From PESKings we thank you for your presence in this interview. From what little I know, we think that you are great as a playing as a person, so we wish you the best in the National Final. Good luck!

Thank you very much to you for giving me this opportunity and I hope to be lucky (lol), a cordial greeting.
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