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8 June 2011

Massive PES 2012 Q&A Round Up

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Well what a day for PES 2012? Loads of things to cover so lets begin. Adam from WENB was answering questions fired at him on twitter this afternoon and did an amazing job as well.

Hit the Continue Reading Article! button below to see all the questions and answers. Don't forget you can follow Adam on twitter here.
Q. What does UEFA strengthening their relationship with Konami mean for PES 2012? E.g. Menu Design, endorsements etc.

A. The front screen is now a full UEFA.com screen, with a new ticker at the bottom. Also, menus now have CL highlights playing behind

Q. Does the weather conditions have an affect on movement of the ball? Like when it rains.

A. More announcements forthcoming

Q. Can you say if the player models look smoother and more polished now? In 11 they looked like they needed anti-aliasing.

A. Player models now look great in widecam. New levels of detail, with brand new lighting for day and night settings.

Q. What about cursor switching is it fixed?

A. Cursor change is indeed fixed. L1 works great, although now you can change player with the right stick ala FIFA.

Q. How is shooting, i felt it was too automatic in 2011, couldn't really aim at near post often. from a angle

A. Shooting is more like the older games. More control, and result make more sense. New shooting animations, and new ball physics

Q. Are player models, turf textures and details to pes 2010 levels?

A. Yes! Graphical detail matches/surpasses PES 2010. Finally no more inconsistency like PES 2011

Q. Did u try the Broadcast cam? Is it wider and less zoomed in than last year?

A. New broadcast cam is wonderful, we never switched to wide. It shows more of the pitch, and sits still like traditional widecam

Q. What about coaches and subs are they moving while playing a match?

A. in PES 2012 you can see subs warming up, managers moving, and ground staff/camera men walking around the pitch

Q. Is the commentary improved ? PES commentary sucks TBH

A. Commentary I've not heard, but expect it to be rubbish (sorry, person opinion)

Q. Does the grass look real ? becuase in pes 11 it looks flat?

A. Grass looks more lush. Different cuts for different stadiums promised, and, BIG NEWS, different camera angle for different stadium

Q. Any shooting details mate ? Do they connect well ?

A. It feels great, especially with the feeling of the player hitting the ball.

Q. Will we be seeing specific running animations for specific players - just to add to that individuality?

A. Running aminations are back! So players like Messi and Ronaldo have their own, and there are tonnes more that you can assign

Q. Are there any improvements to crossing?

A. Crossing is similar, but feel different thanks to new ball physics. Not massive change though

Q. Do you know something about the computer difficulty settings? On what diffeculty did you play, and are they harder?

A. We played on the hardest, and it was tough. New defensive AI on top teams is tough to break down, first match, no shots on goal!

Q. Are pacy players able to pull away from sluggish defenders?

A.Yes! catch up bug has gone!Quick players stay ahead and can get way from slow players! More on this in the podcast with examples

Q. Is dribbling improved? Star dribblers are still present ?

A. Dribbling massively improved thanks to better responsiveness and more animations. Messi is a joy to control.

Q. Are there any air dual/contact at corners for example, or other?

A. Players fending off people in off the ball movements,looks more realisitc, but not over physical. Can see collisions at corners

Q. Any news on game modes? Or too early, also any changes in formation screen?

A. Yes too early for new game modes. As for formation screen it has changed when viewing players now. Do you remember ISS 64? Players now have letter grade for abilities for quick view.I.E. Messi A for dribbling, D for defending etc

Q. What about that horrible looking fall after being fouled from behind? Shooting animations also much different?

A. Stumbling animation has gone, You always stay in control of players at all times. 100% more responsive. Foul animations look much more realistic. Collision system is fantastic

Q. Did it leave you wanting more?

A. I miss playing PES 2012 so much :(

Q. Is it possible to perform knuckleballs like PES2011?

A. Yes knuckleball is still in

Q. Who was your favourite player from the playstest and why?

A. Fave player was Xavi. Passing ability was amazing, even on manual.

Q. Has the issue of your teamates sprinting away from goal whilst attacking or the animation lag been addressed?

A. Player runs are now amazing. Also, zero animation lag in PES 2012. 100% more fluid. Big player run announcement coming soon...

Q. Are the trick moves still mapped out like PES 2011, or are they back on the right stick any change there?

A. Tricks as a whole seem same as PES 2011 right now, although I hear it will change.

Q. We know nets are square and look nice, but do they behave realisticly when ball hits them ?

A. Nets feel good, not too sure what else to say as happy with the way they behave

Q. Any change to throw ins/goalkicks? eg. 3 sec to long throw, ai throws long randomly if players marked, gk still pass to nearest.

A. Throwins and goal kicks massive change. Now you flick right stick to select who you want to pass to. Big improvement

Q. How is the overall speed of the game, faster of slower than 11 ?

A. Similar speed to PES 2011 in gameplay

Q. With the different camera angles, pitch textures, nets etc Do u get a feeling that you are in a different stadium for each game?

A. yes, finally! Camp Nou felt so different from other stadiums. Amazing preset camera angle

Q. Game speed option is still in?

A. Yes, game speed option still in, although I never changed.

Q. Any improvements on freekicks (not the shooting kind...the crossing ones)?

A. Freekicks feel different, again from ball physics. Both crossing and shooting ones have more dip and ball movement

Q. Is it easy to use hold up play? Are through pass assisted like in pes 2011?

A. Very easy to hold up play. No more worry about physical contant. No more easy throughball through defence, completely gone!

Q. What happens when the ball goes out for throw-ins or fouls? Does game flow or cutscene?

A. Still black screen when ball out of play

Q. have they got rid of nasty shoots + the bicycle kicks in silly areas?

A. Jumping volleys are out! no more silly jumping volleys from outside the box.

Q. Shirt selection any changes to 2011? As seen in trailers - do the sweat on players faces/body appear gradually in game?

A. Players do sweat, not noticed though. no change in shirt seltion screen or options

Q. Defenders letting a ball fly past them standing bug fixed or not?

A. Defenders don't let the ball fly past them, they are more aware of where the ball is

Q. How good are the pes 2012 graphics on a scale of 1-10?

A. upclose 10, wide cam 8

So there we have it a massive Q&A session from Adam massive thanks to him and his hard work as always.

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  1. Brilliant compilation of questions, I would also like to know if the defenders track back while defending like in PES 2009 and give time on the ball for the player to commit a mistake. In PES 2011 I see that missing, they rely more on the physical defence.


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