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28 June 2011

WENB Playtest Round Up

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Today WENB were lucky enough to get there hands on the latest code of PES 2012. Suff and Adam have been tweeting through out the day with there impressions on the game is shaping up.

Also tonight WENB have released a very long article about there time with the game.

Below you will find all the news and links you will need meaning you miss out on none of the latest news and developments from there play test today.

Some main talking points are that Keepers seem to be fixed and at a very good level but still room for improvements. There is also a new game mode in PES 2012 which is called Football Life but that is all we know is the name and no details released just yet.
So lets get started with a twitter round up from this morning and afternoon.

Adam -

"Played first game. Beat Suff 4-2, Milan derby. Great match. Main thing is it's super fluid. Wonderful ebb and flow. Now for single player"

"Big news is, keepers are looking really good. Need animation work, but overall so much more reliable than in PES 2011. Thank fuck for that!

"And it's over! @Suffwan wins on pens! And yes, pens fixed! More like FIFA 10. @JonMurphy_PES, you have been served!"

"Can't describe how happy I am with keepers. Need to say still need animation work, but so much reliable. Spill less, catch more etc"

"And @Suffwan takes the lead! Villa with a neat finish! Shooting feels great. More accurate, but a tad floaty."

"Lunch time with the guys now. Btw, sort of an exclusive, saw a new mode in menu called Football Life. @JonMurphy_PES won't say a thing tho"

"Also new camera angle called pitch side is awesome. Used it more than wide cam. Lower hung, great detail."

"Detail in wide cam much better, @Suffwan reckons it's awesome. So much detail held, but needs another lick of paint IMO"

"Estadio De Escorpiao stadium is in the build."

"Time to travel back to Suff's love mansion. He's got a skip in his step, so hyped about the game. I am too, #PES2012 looking v good!"

Suffwan -

"I have to say that #PES2012 is a fantastic game of football to play. Purity and the most advanced AI seen in a footy game. #joy"

"Intelligent runs, constant passing options, fluid gameplay and many new features we don't even know about. #PES2012"

"Many Q's about response times. Comparing #PES2012 with 2011 is like comparing night and day."

"It makes me smile like the PS2 days #PES2012"

"In my opinion #PES2012 is a better game than #PES5, but then again I'm Next-Gen baby!"

"Shooting better but I have given them some tips. When u get tackled now the fluidity of game not affected."

"Running animations have been tweaked, certain players eg. Messi have unique runs."

"As it currently stands I have enjoyed playing #PES2012 more than #FIFA12"

"PES2012 is amazing at giving u that feeling that special players can do special things. But it's not unrealistic or arcade-like in any way."

"PES2012 the dribble response times are very sharp. Players bring the ball down very quickly. No dilly-dallying (time wasting)."

"PES2012 rewards careful players, visionaries who play football & always looks to pass & move. The AI is brilliant"

"the animations in #PES2012 are improved from #PES2011 but dont expect a drastic change"

"Glad people excited about #PES2012. Not as shiny as #FIFA12 in terms of animation but this PES brilliant coz of its gameplay."

"Passing is brilliant in #PES2012, we will talk about manual & auto in write-up & podcast."

OK so that is all the tweets from today and some very interesting ones. Also the little exclusive regarding the new game mode Football Life? Hopefully a full announcement regarding that soon enough.

So next we have the WENB Impressions write up. To see the full write up visit WENB Impressions. Below is just the short bite size version from the article. 

New menu is endorsed by UEFA.com
- New mode in menu screen revealed called Football Life
- Team AI and individual AI is groundbreaking in the game
- Deeper tactics and strategy options in-game due to them being mapped to d-pad
- All teams behave uniquely, with a greater emphasis on team play individuality
- Graphics improved in gameplay cam, although needs some more work to achieve preferred levels
- Match atmosphere greatly enhanced thanks to presence of managers, camera-men and groundstaff
- Fans now wearing kits
- New camera angle added called pitch side, which hangs lower from the side line. A favourite on the day
- New reworked ball physics
- More care needs to be taken when passing and controlling, as ball behaves independently and realistically
- Goal Keepers vastly improved. New animations and more reliable
- Referees vastly improved. Play advantage, and book after a play has stopped
- Gameplay more fluid than before, instant response times when dribbling and controlling the ball
- Animations more varied in passing and shooting, although not on FIFA levels
- Shooting still floaty, needs work
- Through balls not as powerful, easier to intercept with better control of players
- New personal data feature lets user customize own controller set-up, including adding an avatar picture

There will be a Podcast up shortly at WENB so keep your eyes on there homepage for the release of that. 
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