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24 August 2011

PS3 Demo Out NOW - Xbox Update

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The demo is now available to download from the UK PSN. At the moment you will need to use the search function to find it. Just simply search for Pro Evolution Soccer and will will be listed. The demo is 1393Mb (1.39Gb) Go on and enjoy.

Xbox 360 users this is where you get the bad news I am afraid. We do not have a full explanation to the reason but the demo for Xbox has been delayed and due to be released sometime in September. We are not sure who the fault lies with at the moment but due to Konami still releasing the demo on Playstation and PC it seems that Microsoft may be to blame. We shall update you on the revised release date when we get it.
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WE2012 Demo Out Now

If you have a Japanese PSN account on your PS3 you can now go and download Winning Eleven 2012 demo which is the same as the PES 2012 demo coming later today in the UK apart from of course the language.

If you do not have a Japanese PSN account and do not want to wait till later today for the UK demo HERE is the YouTube tutorial on how to set one up.

Enjoy the demo its simply AWESOME 
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22 August 2011

PES 2012 Demo Details

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Last week Konami announced that we would get the PES 2012 demo this week and today Konami released a press release detailing the demo and what we can expect to see.

Via Adam Bhatti Twitter -

Estadio Escorpiao and San Siro are stadiums. Weather/time conditions are random. 3 camera angles. No video to watch after each game

Guys. #PES2012 demo is Gamescom code.

PES 2012 Demo coming Wednesday. All formats. 10min match. 6 teams. WITH TRAINING CHALLENGE MODE.

There will be no commentary for the demo.

Demo stadiums are the San Siro and the Maracan√£ (named as the Estadio De Escorpiao). Weather and time options will be set at random. There will be 3 camera options to choose from - Wide, Long and Pitchside.

You can see the full press release by hitting the Continue Reading Article! button below. 
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21 August 2011

Achievements/Trophies Announced

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Xbox360 Achievements have announced the new unlocked-able achievements and trophies available for Xbox 360 and PS3. There are a few addictions for the new mode Club Boss but also there seem to be a few missing like 10 Years Master League Service.

The full list can be found HERE.

Thanks again to @MBroadhead_ for tweeting us this news
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18 August 2011

PES 2012 - GamesCom Day 2

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Day Two of GamesCom 2011 - No news today to report from GamesCom but we have a few new videos to point you towards.

The first video I wish to point you towards (Video 1 below) is the first we have seen of the Pitch Side cam. Personally i think it looks amazing have a look and tell us what you think.

Thanks to MichaelBroadhead_ from WENB forums for the pitch side cam video and WENB main page for the others. Cheers lads.
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17 August 2011

PES 2012 GamesCom Day 1

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It is only day one of GamesCom and Konami have already stolen the show with there PES 2012 showing. What a day it has been for Konami and PES 2012, they held there conference this morning and announced new details on MyPES, the new cover star, Football Life and of course the release date of the FIRST yes that’s right the first of two demos coming out for PES2012.

I have put together this post so nothing is missed and lost in all the news coming out today and over the next few days. Below is a summary of PES 2012 at GamesCom Day One. But keep checking back throughout the day as if we get any updates this post will be updated.

First of all we learnt that the code that was being played on the show floor at GamesCom was at 80%.

The teams featured in the show floor demo are as follows – Video Link 

Internationals - Germany, Italy, France, Spain, England, Portugal, Holland

Clubs - Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Bayer, Leverkusen, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Napoli, Juventus, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Valencia, Villareal, Ajax, FC Twente, PSV Eindoven, AZ Alkmaar, Lille OSC, Sochaux-Montbéliard, Stade Rennais, Girondins Bordeaux, FC Porto, Benfica, Sporting Lisbon.

Cristiano Ronaldo will be the new cover star for PES 2012. Article Link

First of two demos is out next week on PS3 and Xbox (PC Unconfirmed as yet but SHOULD be the same time). The second demo has no release date as yet but will be updated code from the one released next week also may featured different teams. Article Link

The release date for PES 2012 on PS2 and PSP is the 28th November in the UK

MyPES Press Release is out detailing FaceBook integration in PES 2012, Also released is a trailer showing us a little more how MyPES will work. Article Link Video Link

At the conference Konami shown a new trailer for PES 2012 and it shows of the Active AI and we also get a sneak peak at the new mode Football Life and the returning Training Challenge Mode. Article Link Video Link

You can watch the PES 2012 part of Konami conference on YouTube now. Thanks to PESFan.it for recording and uploading for us all to see. Video Link

ProRevo release images showing some great looking faces in PES 2012. England Portugal

The PS3 version of PES 2012 will be patched at release to include 3D support. Source 

Show Floor videos below – Updating throughout the day when we get them.

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Manchester United PES 2012

Ben (@chaos_PES) who is in attendance at GamesCom has been a legend and sent me over some pics of ManUtds starting line up. Some show little change from PES2011 but some are amazing.

Click On Any Image To Enlarge

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PES 2012 GamesCom Trailer

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We have a new trailer to show off and this one is amazing. It shows you the Active AI and also shows you the Training mode challenge and Football Life.

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MyPES Announced

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Konami have released full details on the new MyPES feature making its debut for PES 2012. I am sure many will be very excited and rightly so. Facebook integration for PES 2012 I think so. Read the press release below by hitting the Continue Reading Article! button. You can also see the trailer for MyPES on Konami's YouTube channel HERE

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PES 2012 Demo Date Announced

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Konami have confirmed that we will be getting the first of two demo's of PES 2012 next week on both Xbox and PS3. The PC version is yet to be confirmed but should be released around the same time.

This year is a first as we will be getting two demo's instead of just one. Konami want everyone to play this amazing game as soon as possible so they are released a demo next week based around the preview code press have been released there very positive thoughts on. The second demo which is not yet dated will come after and will be based on the final retail version of the game.

Konami are spoiling us this year
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