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27 September 2011

PES 2012 Online Detailed

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Today Konami detailed the online modes to feature in PES 2012 and how they have changed and improved.

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(This Press Release was sent to us via Konami Spain so is translated version)
All details of the methods of PES 2012 Online

Revealed the match-making system, updated Master League Online and MSE Facebook application

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH today unveiled just a few days of the launch of PES 2012 on PLAYSTATION 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC, some of the most important details that will make online gameplay modes from the highly anticipated new instalment of the saga.

Much of these innovations and new developments come after the development team analyze all comments and suggestions that have been collected throughout the process of creating this new release. As a result, more content and ways that PES 2012 will be enjoyed in their online game modes.

Online Master League will continue to compete for the opportunity to improve and make up the top to a club, having as a rival to other users anywhere in the world. In PES 2012, was taken in designing the realism of this game mode, with the possibility now to regulate the playing style of each team balanced and tactical, physical play, speed, technique, with the ability to configure and manage moves tested team's collective play. This season will also be very important contracts and salary expectations of the players, their behavior being more realistic than in previous years, so it will take special attention to the situation of every individual member of staff. Similarly, physical fitness, injuries, even the players are much more realistic, so now will be very important what happens between the parties.

PES 2012 is a game designed to play against and with friends, so the new release will feature online multiplayer support for up to 8 players in the versions of PlayStation ® 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC. In parallel, the Community has been improved so substantially with new options and the ability to create up to 100 user profiles. It has also integrated the ability to send messages to the group and added the possibility to arrange matches between members of different communities to increase rivalry and competition between users.

The match-making system has also undergone a complete renovation. In PES 2012, users now have a system that will match them with users whose level is much like yours. For users who are disconnected multiple times, a locking system will not be able to compete in some tournaments, and online reputation system punished in a much more detailed this type of unethical behavior. All this to get an online gaming experience much more 

Direct connectivity with Facebook has also been included in PES 2012 with MSE, an application that allows users to invite their friends to their own leagues and to access the results through a social network application. MSE will be available for free through Facebook, as PES 2012 is on the street, users can challenge and compatible results of their matches in the walls of their friends. The possibilities will be expanded in October, is planned for when they can unlock rewards as they compete with other users via the online or offline the title.

John Murphy, CEO of PES for Europe has taken the opportunity to highlight: "The Online is an essential area of PES 2012, and we have worked with special attention in order to provide a competitive plus the game, which not only translates into improvements in Master League Online. In addition, this season will be especially difficult for players to cheat.
On the side of the gameplay, the new artificial intelligence system will delight all fans of good football, they also relish the chance to share their results through MSE, because we know that is not the same to enjoy a victory if you cannot share it with your friends. "

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  1. is online mode available for pes12 on ps2?


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