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20 September 2011

Ronaldo Day

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Today has been all about the new PES cover star Ronaldo at Konami. Today the PES team released some images from a photo shoot with Ronaldo with the follow statement from the man himself 

"I am delighted that Konami chose me to be on the cover of PES 2012, and for the reasons behind it. For me, PES 2012 is a perfect recreation of what happens on the field, and especially noted for the entire game component set offers: how to work together to attack, create space and break through defenses. I think anyone who plays can understand how a real game and the importance of being united. It's never one thing is always a team game, and PES 2012 demonstrates this better than any other game."

Konami also released 5 interview videos with Jon Murphy asking Ronaldo questions that were asked via the PES Facebook page. All the videos can be found on the Official PES Site HERE

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