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20 October 2011

360 Run Bug Set To Be Fixed

As you can see from the header image Jon Murphy has confirmed there will be a fix to the issue that many XBox users are having.

The stuttering run bug was present in the 360 demo and many had hoped it would be ironed out by the time it came to release but it wasn't. Hopefully the start of November will see the back of this issue.
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  1. did this happen at all on ps3?

  2. Iv not heard any reports or seen it myself in the PS3 version of the game.

  3. will there be another update any time soon for the ps3? will there be one to fix the Portuguese clubs? enjoying the game and ive not even started become a legend or club boss yet!!

  4. Oddly, the stutter run bug only occurs on player one's controller. Fans have discovered it can be avoided by signing out of their user profiles on controller one, then signing back in using controller two.

    how i do that,,, i dont know how to do it on xbox...i dont understand !!

    please help meee diarcosb@gmail.com


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