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8 November 2011

PES 2012 3DS Details/Screens

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Konami have today release new information regarding the up coming release of PES 2012 3D for the 3DS.

This press release was sent to us in Spanish and has been translated using Google Translator so sorry for any mistakes.

"PES 2012 3D enjoys a variety of new elements, including a full online mode, and allow a unique gaming experience on the amazing recreation of the UEFA Champions League ™ and Copa Libertadores tournament. The game, which is scheduled for the first weeks of December, offering total control, with each pass, entrance, pass between the lines, and shot the player accessible via the Circle Pad and buttons, as well as with the new system Touch Screen control where users use the stylus of the Nintendo 3DS.

PES 2012 3D also includes the popular Master League option, which allows users to shape and develop a team of strangers and turn them into a power. The new game includes a revamped version of Become a Legend option, which oversees the progression of the selected player while emerging as global talent. Other developments are part of the renewed form of League and Cup Competition, Free Training to work on the key movements of each player, and Edit Mode. PES 2012 also has a 3D online element strengthened, following the requests and suggestions from fans of the series.

Users can play games with a friend one-on-one through the configuration of wireless and Nintendo Wi-Fi, while the new implanted KONAMI StreetPass ™, the improved system of data exchange. PES 2012 users can now exchange 3D data from your Master League team with another user of Nintendo 3DS, being able to confront a friend's computer controlled by the CPU."

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