26 January 2011

Jon Murphy Interview / PESFan Taking 3D Questions

Eurogamer.net has posted a video taken from the Nintendo 3DS Event in Amsterdam. In the video they Interview Jon Murphy and show gameplay clips of PES2011 3D.

To watch the video head over to EuroGamer here and to see the Jon Murphy Interview skip straight to 4:17

Have you got any questions regarding PES2011 3D on the new Nintendo 3DS? Well head over to PESFan where "TheBoss" will be getting Hands on later this week and is taking your questions.



24 January 2011

PES2011 Coming To Android Any Day.

Jon Murphy has confirmed on twitter that the release of PES2011 on the Android will be any day now.

So all you guys waiting on this release keep your eyes open as it should be out very soon. As soon as it is we will let you know.



22 January 2011

PES2011 3D Multiplayer Details

PES2011 3D on the new hand-held console Nintendo 3DS will include a multiplayer mode detailed below.
Nintendo 3DS owners can play with each other in multiplayer mode through the Wifi in 3DS device. Gamers can also compare Master Leage data with each other via 3DS Spot Pass technology. Winning player will get access to new content. (Source)
Here is a little bit more detail in how the multiplayer Street Pass will work
Wireless multiplayer will also feature, allowing you to go up against another PES 2011 3D player on another 3DS, while the game makes use of the console’s Street Pass mode, where your current team’s statistics will be compared to those of players you may pass on the street – your teams will then automatically play against one another with the stronger team being deemed the winner, allowing you to unlock new players and teams..
Sounds very promising I'm sure you will agree. If you have a Nintendo 3DS on pre-order make sure that you also have PES2011 3D to go along with it on launch day.



21 January 2011

PES2011 3D First Look (UPDATE 22/01)

IGN have posted there First Look article featuring Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D. IGN seem pleased with how the game is shaping up so far. Head over to IGN here to see what they had to say about what was on offer from Konami's latest game in the PES Series.

Update 1-

The Metro has also posted there first impressions on PES2011 3DS here

Pocket-Lint have there first impressions posted here

Update 2-

I have come across another first look preview and yet again seems very promising indeed. Head over to Buzz Focus to see what they had to say about there time with the game (here)



19 January 2011

Could PS3 And XBox PES Be Going 3D?

According to CVG Konami are definitely interested in bringing 3D support to there PES games on the PS3 and XBox 360.

You can read the full article here

What do you think of the idea of 3D on the PS3 and XBox does it interest you? or should they remain focus on the normal game play and features? Let us know



PES2011 3DS Announcement,Screens And Trailer.

Today saw the official announcement of PES2011 3D. Last week we saw a trailer featuring Winning Eleven but this week we have news on the European Version. Click the Tell Me More! button below to find the press release including screens and the trailer.

8 January 2011

WE/PES 3DS + PES2011 Windows Mobile.

Konami have released the first trailer for the upcoming title WE/PES 3D Soccer for the new hand-held device Nintendo 3DS.

You can view the video on YouTube Here or click the Tell Me More! button at the end of the post to view on PESKings

Also there is news that PES2011 will be released on a new platform which is Microsoft's Windows 7 Mobile.  Hit the Tell Me More! Button Below to read the full article released by Konami.