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23 December 2012

Patch 1.03 And DLC 3 Released

Konami have given us a early Christmas present with the release of there latest DLC and Patch for PES 2013.

You get 13 new pairs of boots as part of the new DLC and the patch is how we detailed a few days back HERE

Both the DLC and Patch are available for download right away in the usual ways.

Please Note
To make sure the DLC does not have any effects on your installed option file or your own personal changes to line ups and players then when promoted to over write your Edit Data it is advised to select No.

Thanks to OPE for the heads up with that warning.
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13 December 2012

Patch 1.03 Announced

In a interview today with Jon Murphy it has been announced that Patch 1.03 for PES 2013 is set to be released on the 20th December (Thursday Next Week)

There are a few improvements to expect and also hints towards the future patches. After 2v2 what would you say is top of PES Fans wish list for PES 2013? League mode would be great if it is possible via a Patch. Fingers crossed if so.

Here is the full interview from the Official PES 2013 website.

Learn all about the Patch 1.03 and the importance of our fans' feedback

The release of the Patch 1.03 is just around the corner and the 20th of December will bring joy in the heart of many of our fans with important changes in the 2v2 mode, and several other fixes. To celebrate that, Jon Murphy, Pro Evolution Soccer Guru, has kindly accepted to answer some of your questions about the game and the changes to come, while thanking all the players for their support and feedback.

1) The Patch 1.03 will be released on the 20th of December. What can you tell us more about it?

The key advance, is a full extension of the 2v2 mode, which was highest on the fans’ wish list. Although it was there before, it wasn’t really what the fans expected so we have used this new update to make some key changes. The overall balance of the game has also been addressed, and we’ve also taken the opportunity to make a few aesthetic improvements here and there, with the movement of players now enhanced and a number of new goal celebrations added. We’ve also rectified a couple of small issues with MLO and some of the Online Modes in line with requests from the fan base.

2) The 2v2 is obviously the biggest fix of the 1.03 patch. Can you explain us a bit more about this change?

Let’s face it, PES 2013 is a stunning multi-player experience, and we are extremely pleased with how the FCS team has responded to the demands of the fan base. While there was an acceptable 2v2 mode in the game, the team has worked to improve core elements to make it even more intuitive and to make it closer to the single-player experience, with better player switching.

3) The Black Boots and Auto-save features have been also fixed in the previous patch, thanks to our fans' feedback. How important do you consider our customer's opinions?

They are vital. It is because of fan support that we have made such huge steps with the PES series in recent years. When we do something right, they tell us. If we get it wrong, they offer support and suggestions – and we would be mad to ignore them.

We have an enviable number of avenues where we can receive fan feedback, and we thank them for their dedication and enthusiasm. Their support is vital to the evolution of the series. It may take time to address everything, we are constantly trying!

4) Could you tell us about what is coming in the future?

Having addressed the key 2v2 issue that was top of the fans’ list, we still have a number of elements that we, and they, feel need attention. We’ll let you know more very soon…

5) Are you using the app myPES 2013 and what do you think about it?

I’m split between Japan and the UK a lot, so my game hours are horribly limited right nw. I have used it a couple of times, and think that it is one of the more under-rated parts of the game: it’s a simple way to get mates together for games, and extremely user-friendly. We’re seeing a lot of growth in its use, too, and also have some superb advances in mind as we constantly look to enhance its use.

6) Just for our fans, can you tell us what is your favourite team and favourite mode in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013?

I’m a Chelsea fan, so can often be seen handing out hammerings in the guise of London FC. And I’m a huge fan of playing 2v2 in the office – working as a team to break down an opponent really brings out your competitive streak.
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7 December 2012

PES Ultimate Christmas Countdown

Konami have today announced there PES Ultimate Christmas Countdown.

There will be daily competitions for the chance to win many great prizes like shirts, boots or footballs all of which are signed by Cristiano Ronaldo himself.

That is just the start thought, everyone who enters any of the daily competitions will be also entered into there GRAND PRIZE DRAW. The Grand Prize is "a personal training and meet & greet with Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid!"

Visit Konami's Official PES 2013 site HERE with instructions on how to enter.

Good Luck
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29 November 2012

Patch 1.02 Out Now

Konami have today released the latest patch for PES 2013.

This one will make many fans happy. Was you not happy with the direction Master League took this year with the black boots for all players? Well its now gone.

There are many more issues sorted and improvements, to read about them all check out this post.

PC Patch can be found here
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15 November 2012

New PES 2013 Patch Announced. (Update)

Konami have announced a new patch due to be released in December for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

It is defiantly going to be a early Christmas present from Konami, as one thing fixed that many people do not like is Boots in ML. No longer will players start ML or BAL with plain black boots.

Full details released today are below:

The new patch due in early December 2012. UPDATE: It has now been announced that the patch will be released on the 29th November

The new patch features:

1) Fixes to the below issues. We would like to apologise for all inconveniences caused.

Master League Online
* The transfer fee and contract fee shown when signing a player is different to the one shown in the breakdown of such costs.
* Changes to the squad and the team funds were not reflect immediately when signing/releasing players or receiving gate receipts from matches played.

Master League
* Sometimes the game would freeze when items obtained in Master League Online were used.

Performance Training
* It was impossible to complete the "Long-pass" training when Pass Assistance level was set to either [0] or [1].
* It was impossible to complete the "Manual-pass" training when the cursor was set to "fixed" when using Personal Data other than "no.1".

* Sometimes the game would freeze when importing PES 2012 data. This applies to cases where implementing the data would result in players switching to wearing boots which were issued in PES 2012 Data Pack 3.

* When a new Data Pack was implemented, users were forced to restart their hardware as a message informing them of non-matching Data Pack versions would be displayed rendering some game features such as Master League Online, Competition and the Widget inaccessible.

2) The below additions due to customer requests:

General * Users can now choose to enable or disable the Auto Save feature in game modes including Master League and Become a Legend by selecting [System] then [Auto Save] in order.

Football Life
* Players will wear boots which are unique to them in both Master League and Become a Legend. Any editing done to player's boot settings will also be reflected. However, please note that this only applies to save data created after the implementation of this patch file.

* Changes have been made to how teamwork levels between players increase.

3) General improvements to other modes to improve overall gaming experience.

The details of Patch 1.02 are as listed above.

In addition to these issues, we are also aware of the below. the exact causes are currently under investigation:

1) Customers can be paired with users they added to the Match Block List.

2) Sometimes, the bonus prize money earned after a Special match can be shown as being 0.

3) In Inter-Community Matches, customers are sometimes unable to substitute COM controlled players.

4) If you play a 2 vs 2 match in Ranking match, but then try to play Master league Online and any other one player online matches without deleting the guest user, no matchmaking will take place.

Master League Online
5) After matches, customers may be returned back to the Online Main menu. An error message stating that an unexpected problem in communications with the PES 2013 server is then displayed. For these issues, any updates will be posted on this site. We can also report that the below issues were also fixed during maintenance on 13/11/2012

6) Courtesy level does not recover despite completing matches in the correct manner.

 7) Special match bonuses could be earned in other types of matches.

We would like to apologise for all inconveniences caused.
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13 November 2012

MyPES 2013 Now Up and Running.

Konami have today launched MyPES for PES 2013, after many delays it is finally up and running. Below is the run down of what MyPES is and what it does this year.

Description from Official PES 2013 Site (Here)

Stats and Games

You will be able to show off and track your own stats, which will not only include your loss / defeat ratio, but also goals scored, ball possession, corners, cards and much much more!

You will also be able to see all your friend's last matches, seeing his results and stats, which will allow you to check if he is actually on that massive win streak he's been bragging about.


We have introduced a revamped "Badge" system, which will provide you with special awards for completing challenges in your myPES 2013 matches. This can range from win streaks, to awesome goals, or even specific hidden plays and moves.

Badges will have 4 tiers of progression, meaning that for example if you win a match you might trigger the "bronze" version of the badge, but you will actually need to keep growing your legacy to achieve further tiers.


You can join groups that will place you in a global ranking to see who is the better overall PES 2013 player. The first time you register for myPES 2013 you will automatically join a city and country group, to pit yourself against all the PES 2013 players living in the same country and city as yourself.

You can also create personal groups and invite your friends, for a more personal ranking, to end once and for all the eternal discussion of who amongst your friends is the better PES 2013 player!


Another great addition is the possibility to create private leagues. Once you have created or joined a league, you will be able to assign the matches you play against each other to the league of your choice.

MyPES 2013 will keep track of your games and give you an accurate ranking to see who the ultimate league champion is.
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28 October 2012

October Goal Of The Month Top 5

Here is our October (and first) Goal Of The Month (Click Link Above). It was hard to pick out the best 5 from all entries but I think we have our very worthy winner and Top 5.

You may not have featured in this months Top 5 but all entries will be considered for our next videos so do not worry.

If you think you have scored better goals then y not get involved and send them to us? Its easy and simple, and we even accept videos taken via mobile phone.

Here are the details on how to enter GOTM and be in with a chance to win a Limited Edition PES T-Shirt.

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26 October 2012

PES 2013 Released (PS2/PSP)

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PES 2013 is today released on the Playstation 2 and the Playstation Portable in the UK. It was released on the same platforms yesterday in the EU.

Some of the best PES days were and still are those spent playing it on a PS2 console. So it is defiantly worth a buy.

The Wii version of PES 2013 is still yet to be released but is due soon - November 15th (EU) November 16th (UK)

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25 October 2012

MLO - Compensation Details.

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Konami have release information on how MLO player will be compensated, below is the full statement released earlier today.

   "We would like to inform you that customers fitting the below conditions will receive compensation in the form of MLO team funds.

1) Customers who were unable to play Master League Online between 13:30 on 11/10/2012 to 05:30 on 12/10/2012 (UTC).

2) Customers who were unable to take part in the Master League Online competition held between 10:12 - 15:00 on 17/10/2012 (UTC) owing to its sudden cancellation.

These customers will be compensated appropriately during irregular maintenance between 04:00-07:00 (UTC) on 25/10/2012 and a personal message will be sent to each individual customer.

Also, due to the series of inconveniences and confusion caused, we would like to offer our customers some Master League Online team funds as a form of compensation. The amount has been set at 10,000,000 euros (The equivalent amount a competition winner will receive).

* Please be made aware that this refers strictly to Master League Online funds which can only be used in-game.

(*) The customers receiving compensation first will be those that were logged into the game from the start of our online service up until 01:30 (UTC) on 22/10/2012. However, please be informed that you will only be eligible if you have a Master League Online team. So, please make sure you create one (If you do not have one already) by the time this happens (Dates will be announced at a later time).

Further announcements will follow as to when the remaining customers will receive their compensation.
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19 October 2012

Data Pack 2: Xbox 360 Release Date.

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Konami have today announced after a long delay the release date for data pack 2 for PES 2013 on the Xbox 360.

It was announced via the official PES Facebook page.

The release date is Monday 22nd October 2012
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Goal Of The Month Competition + Win Prizes.

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PESKings are proud to announced we will be working with Top 5 PES Goals to bring you a monthly Goal Of The Month with the winner also winning a limited PES T-Shirt each month.

Here is how it will all work

Each month PESKings and Top5PESGoals will be asking for your best goals from PES 2013 (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC). Depending on how many videos we get there maybe a few videos each month but at the end of each month we will chose between the winners of each of those videos to see who becomes the monthly winner and wins a great prize

Thanks to Konami we have some PES T-Shirts to give away to the winner of each competition. Here is the T-Shirt you could win:

Send your videos to -

PESKings - andy@peskings.com
Top5PESGoals - top5PESgoals@gmail.com
Tweet - Top5PESGoals

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12 October 2012

Data Pack 2 Released (Again)

Konami have once again released Data Pack 2 for PES 2013. This time there seems to be no issues with freezing even if you have a Option File installed. Quick work from Konami, but really this should not have happened in the first place.

At the moment the DLC is available for PS3 and  PC (Patch Link For PC) I will update this post when we have news on the Xbox 360 version.

Once you have installed the DLC, check the squad line ups and see if the transfer are up to date. If they are not then go to Edit Mode - Transfer - Then click Triangle on the PS3 Controller and change all squads back to default.
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Data Pack 2 Will Re-Launch Today

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Konami have confirmed the Data Pack 2 DLC will re-launch later today. There are no indication to say if the problem has been resolved or if they are just releasing with advice on how to avoid game crashes.

Here is the full article released by Konami:

2012.10.12 Notification on the Data Pack 2.0 being re-launched 

Data Pack 2.0 which has been suspended will be available for download after the emergency server maintenance planned for 13:00 - 15:00 on the 12th of October, 2012 (UTC). We sincerely apologize for all the troubles and inconveniences caused. 
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11 October 2012

Konami Statement: DLC Issues.

Konami have released a statement regarding the current issues people are having with DLC 2. Once the DLC pack has downloaded the game will freeze (If you have a OF installed) and when you reboot your PS3 the game will not load past the "Press Any Button" screen at the start. This is due to a problem caused by using a Option File in PES 2013.

The only way at the moment to get past this problem is to delete the DLC from the PS3 or Delete your Edit Data, but then you will loose your Option File.

Here is the official Statement from Konami:

We have received reports that the game froze once the Data Pack 2.0 was applied to the game. 

We are now investigating into this issue, but have stopped releasing the Data Pack 2.0 which seemed to be the cause of the issue. 
It will be released again once the issue is solved. 

Deep apologies for any troubles and inconveniences caused.

Hopefully Konami act quick with this one and we see the issue sorted out very quickly.
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PES 2013 DLC + Patch Released


Konami have released a statement regarding issues people are facing with Data Pack 2, please see the new post: Konami Statement: DLC Issues.

Konami have today released the new DLC and Patch for PES 2013 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

The latest DLC adds the following:

2012 Summer Transfers
New Football Boots
Up-to-date UEFA Elements
566 Newly Added Players.

Here is the official Konami Press Release, detailing what both the new DLC and Patch add.

KONAMI details today’s PES 2013 online updates

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH will release the first free update and second DLC elements for its stunning PES 2013 title today, enhancing the online elements of the game and bringing its team rosters up to date.

As with previous iterations of the series, KONAMI is committed to constantly adding to PES 2013, and the first update content ramps up the online side of the game. Available today for PlayStation®3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC, the update adds a Widget system that acts as a shortcut to gathering friends together for online matches. PES 2013 allows up to eight people to play in a match simultaneously, and the new download adds Community modes, wherein friends can be automatically selected from a pre-determined list, and allows Communities to track and monitor their results. Users can also now concede a match at half-time.

 KONAMI will also release a 2nd DLC pack that reflects all summer transfers, adds further UEFA elements, team updates and 11 new boot designs.
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10 October 2012

Win Tickets to Friday's Community Event.

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This Friday (12th Oct) PESRankings are holding a very special PES Community Event, which will be held at the Kyoto Lounge in Manchester.

They are inviting a large number of the PES community to Join in the PES 2013 tournament on the night which will give you the perfect chance to show of your PES Skills to the watching PES community. As a nice extra you wont need to worry about your first couple of drinks as they will be provided by Konami.

Invites to the Event are very limited but lucky we have your back on this one, we have been very kindly given 10 tickets to give away TODAY. To win these tickets just follow the instructions below.

       Email: Andy@PESKings.com

      Subject: Kyoto Lounge Tickets

Then a brief reason you would like to attend the event this Friday.

Worry not England Fans the game this Friday Vs San Marino will be live on TVs around the event so you wont miss any of the action.

Stay Tuned as later today we will also have a pair of tickets to give away to attend the Play Expo.

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PES 2013 - PS2, PSP, Wii and 3DS News

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Konami have just announced the official release dates for PES 2013 on the PS2, PSP and Wii with a date coming soon for the 3DS version.

PS2 and PSP are released - UK 26th October - EU October 25th

Wii - UK 16th November - EU November 15th

Below is the official statement from Konami

PES 2013 returns on October 25
Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has announced that versions of PSP ® (PlayStation ® Portable) and PlayStation ® 2 PES 2013 go on sale on October 25, followed the release of its version for Nintendo Wii ™ on November 15.

Offering higher levels of control and realism, the new PES 2013 also includes exclusive Championships ™ UEFA Champions League and the Copa Libertadores de America.

KONAMI also confirming that the Nintendo 3DS ™ version of PES 2013 will be released soon.
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1 October 2012

Konami Announce DLC And Transfer Update.

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Konami has finally been giving us a date for the second DLC and this summer transfer update. Both will be released on same day that will be the 11th October. It will be available for download on all platforms on the same day. The DLC and update content is described below.

DLC Detailes
  • Squad updates with summer transfers
  • New boots
  • New UEFA related objects
Patch details
  1. Adds Online Community Mode
  2. New widget for online play
  3. You will be able to play with up to 8 players of your community
  4. MyPES is added
  5. You can now save games at half time in ML
  6. Other adjustments in various game modes
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21 September 2012

PES 2013 PC Demo 2 Is Out.

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The PES 2013 demo 2 has finally arrived for the PC users. The demo 2 for the PC users is more than 3 weeks late, but better late than never. Download link below.

Follow this link for the second demo of PES 2013 for PC.
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PES 2013 First DLC and Update Details

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Konami have detailed the first update and DLC available for PES 2013.

On release day, there will be a update to add the 3 promoted Spanish teams stadiums. Also updating up to 37 licensed teams kits.

In October (Mid-October) we will get a second DLC this time it is to update all squads inline with the transfer activity during the summer break. Other updates will be added to Online and Team Line Ups.

And finally to be announced a patch will be released in October , this will be focused on online elements and adds the widget system and community modes. 

All details and more can be seen in the full press release from Konami below:

KONAMI details first PES 2013 DLC

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has revealed the content of the first free update and DLC elements for its stunning PES 2013 title.

As with previous iterations of the series, KONAMI is committed to constantly adding to PES 2013, and KONAMI will release the first DLC pack to coincide with the game’s release for PlayStation®3, Xbox 360® and Windows PC. This first DLC adds the three licensed stadia of the newly-promoted Spanish clubs, and updates the latest kits for 37 licensed clubs, including Marseille, AJAX, FC Porto, Besiktas, and Corinthians. A second DLC pack will follow in mid-October, reflecting all summer moves and adding further stadia, UEFA elements, team updates, and online element updates. Detailed information will be released shortly.

The first update will be available in October and ramps up the online side of the game. It adds a Widget system that acts as a shortcut to gathering friends together for online matches and introduces a Ranking system. PES 2013 allows up to eight people to play in a match simultaneously, and the new download adds Community modes, wherein friends can be automatically selected from a pre-determined list, and allows Communities to track and monitor their results.

The free update unlocks the Incentives element of the myPES Facebook app, wherein achievements are rewarded and can be shown via the Social Networking service. Users can also now concede a match at half-time, while Master League Online fans will be paired against similarly-rated peers in a new Rival Ranking system.

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17 September 2012

PES 2013: Reviews.

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So today the embargo officially dropped for PES 2013, now all the reviewers can tell us what they think of Konami's latest installment of the PES series.

Reading online through out the day while at work, almost all reviews are sounding very positive. Here are a list of reviews release so day.

CVG - 9.1 / 10

IGN - 8.5 / 10

Nowgamer 9.1 / 10

OPM 8 / 10

PSU 8.5 / 10

ShopTo Excellent

TheGameJar 7 / 10

The Sixth Axis 9 / 10

Videogamer 8 / 10

X360 Magazine 9 / 10

Inside Gamer 8 / 10 (Dutch)

Eurogamer 9 / 10 (German)

Games Welt 8.7 / 10 (German)

PC Games 90% (German)

Videogameszone 90% (German)

Eurogamer 8 / 10 (Italian)

Multiplayer 8.9 / 10 (Italian)

Meristation 8.9 / 10 (Spain)

Vandal  9 / 10 (Spain)

3djuegos 8.5 / 10 (Spain)

Thank you to WENB for the review round up.
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16 September 2012

PES 2013: 6 New Videos (Prorevo)

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The PES 2013 embargo drops tonight/tomorrow and we will start to see many new videos and reviews coming in. To start us off Prorevo have release 6 new videos. All embedded below.

Massive thank you to Marvin from Prorevo for all these videos.

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PES 2013 Advert.

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Konami have released this years PES 2013 advert.

Tomorrow will see the embargo drop for the review code so we will be posting reviews and videos as press and community sites release them.

Stay Tuned.
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15 September 2012

PES2013 Achievement List.

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Below are all the achievements available in PES 2013.

First Glory: Exhibition
Awarded for defeating the COM for the first time in Exhibition

First Win: UEFA Champions League
Awarded for defeating the COM for the first time in UEFA Champion League Mode

UEFA Champions League Elite 16
Awarded for making it through the Champions League group stages

UEFA Champions League Winner
Awarded for becoming a UEFA Champions League Winner 

Copa Santander Libertadores Win
Awarded for defeating the COM for the first time in Copa Santander Libertadores

Copa Santander Libertadores King
Awarded for becoming a Copa Santander Libertadores Winner

Cup Winners
Awarded for single-handedly guiding a team to Cup glory in Cup mode

The Debutant
Awarded for making a professional debut in Become A Legend

League Champions
Awarded for winning the League Title in Become a Legend

League Best Eleven
Awarded for being picked for the Team of the Season in Become A Legend

UEFA Champions League Debut
Awarded for making your UEFA Champions Legaue debut in Become A Legend

Super Star
Awarded for winning the UEFA Best Player in Europe Award (Become A Legend Mode)

Pride of a Nation
Awarded for playing in the International Cup in Become A Legend

World Footballer of the Year
Awarded for being named World Footballer of the Year in Become A Legend

Proud Skipper
Awarded for being named Club Caption in Become a Legend

Mr. Versatility
Awarded for learning to play in another position in Become A Legend

The Multi-Talented
Awarded for acquiring a New Skill in Become A Legend

First Glory: Master League
Awarded for your first win in Master League

Awarded for Winning Promotion to a Top League in Master League

Champion Manager
Awarded for winning the League Title in any of the Top Leagues featured in Master League

European Elite 16
Awarded for making it through the group stage in UEFA Champions League in Master League

Kings Of Europe
Awarded for becoming a UEFA Champions League Winner in Master League

The Treble Winner
Awarded for winning the league, UEFA Champions League and League Cup in a Master League season.

No.1 Club
Awarded for being named the No.1 Club in the Master League Club Rankings

Online Debutant
Awarded for completing your debut match in Online, No disconnections permitted

First Glory: Competition
Awarded for your first win in an Online Competition

 Wheeler and Dealer
Awarded for making your first ever signing in Master League Online.

All theses attachments were  taken from PESFans Achievement video here 
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12 September 2012

PES 2013: The Stadium Tour

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Konami have this morning posted a new video called: Introducing PES 2013 The Stadium Tour (Episode 4).

This video show off all the La Liga stadiums which will be available in PES 2013, which is all 20. Some will be added via a DLC soon after release. The video can be watched below, straight from the official PES YouTube Channel.

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PES 2013: Team Formations

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Last night Marvin Ronsdorf was taking requested from PES Fans on Twitter to which team formations people wanted to see.

Marvin tried to post up everyone's requests and below are all that were posted last night. Please remember these are taken from Review Code so there maybe small changes on release!


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PES 2013: Top 250 Players

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Another video from Marvin Ronsdorf (Prorevo) this time he shows off the overall stats for the top 250 player present in PES 2013 along with there faces. Great if you want to start thinking of signing for your Master League team.

Please remember this is taken from review code so some stats may change with retail or with the first DLC, soon after release day.

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PES 2013: MLO Walk Through.

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Marvin Ronsdorf from Prorevo has posted up a new video showing you a walk through of the menus for the start of Master League Online.

You will also get to see the starting line up for the default MLO player you will start of with. Below is the video: (German Menus)

A massive thank you to Marvin Ronsdorf as he has been bringing us great coverage from his review code of PES 2013.

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8 September 2012

NGB Show Edit Mode

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Asim from NGB have posted a new video from review code of PES 2013, this time to show of edit mode. From watching the video no big changes seem to have been made, but sure worth a watch anyway.

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7 September 2012

EPL + Euro Faces Video

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WENB have released two videos showing faces from the English Premier League and from around Europe.

Both videos are embedded below:

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6 September 2012

PES 2013 - Stadiums And Camera Angles

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Prorevo have released two videos one showing all the stadiums available and another showing all the camera angles featured in this years PES. Both are not taken from Final Code but from review code.

Here are both videos from Prorevo's YouTube channel:

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PES 2013 Release Date Confirmed

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It is now official that PES 2013 will be hitting UK stores shelves on 21st September..

That is just a little over 2 weeks time..

So get preordering right away.
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5 September 2012

PES 2013 Release Date Due

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Jon Murphy has confirmed via his Twitter page, that we will finally learn the release date of PES 2013 tomorrow.

At gamescom it was confirmed that the game was due September but no date was set. Lets hope that is all across EU and not selected countries. In recent years EU has been released a few weeks before we have seen the UK release date.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the date when we have it.
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29 August 2012

PES2013 Demo Released (UK/EU)

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The second demo is now available to download via the PSN store in the UK/EU. It has many improvements over demo 1 and well worth a download.

Many would have already downloaded from the US store, I have downloaded both and do not see any differences but you may so is worth a download anyway.

Enjoy the final demo of PES 2013 and look forward to the game release in September.

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28 August 2012

PES 2013 Demo Out On US PSN

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You have already got a US PSN from last year right? If not you need to get one set up very easy and loads of tutorials online, because the PES 2013 demo is now out on the US PSN Store. It comes in at 1147mb. I am currently downloading it myself at the moment.

Let us know what you think below in the comments of the latest demo.

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Xbox 360 Demo 2 Released

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The second demo for PES 2013 has been released today on the Xbox 360. When Konami announced the demo they promised 10min games but it seems for one reason or another that did not happen and we still have 5min games. Very fun and great games at that.

Go give it a try now on Xbox Live
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24 August 2012

PES 2013 Brazil Event News (Brazil Clubs + Cover + Trailer)

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A few nights back Konami held a PES 2013 event in Brazil and announced that PES 2013 will feature 20 Brazilian teams fully licensed. The league its self will not be officially licensed just the clubs and player with in it. You can see all the included teams shown in the header image above and listed just below:

Atlético Mineiro - Fluminense - Vasco da Gama - Gremio - SC Internacional - Botafogo - Cruzeiro - Sao Paulo - Corinthians - Náutico - Flamengo - Portuguesa - Ponte Preta - Santos - Palmeiras - Coritiba - Bahia - Sport - Atletico Goianense - Figueirense

Also announced was the return of Neymar to the cover of the game in South American which is shown below.

Finally Konami released the trailer which was shown at the event.

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New Champions League Images

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Konami have unveiled the first images that commemorate the extension of the agreement with the UEFA Champions League.

The Champions League has featured exclusively in PES sins PES 2009 and it is set to continue with the upcoming PES 2013, below are the released screenshots which I must say are looking very nice.

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23 August 2012

PES 2013 Demo Date Released

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The second demo for PES 2013 has been announced and will be released next Tuesday 28th for the Xbox 360 as the following day 29th for the PS3.. The PC demo will follow sometime before the end of September..

Konami have confirmed that there will be 11 officially licensed team to chose from as well as 10min games. Also you will have the chance to play the new training trials..

More when we get it.
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21 August 2012

PES 2013: Manchester United Steelbook

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A couple of days ago we shared with you the announcement of the limited edition Champions League steelbook version of PES 2013, exclusive to Blockbuster in the UK.

Today we have received the first look at the Manchester United steelbook version which is this time exclusive to Game in the UK.

At the moment we have no confirmed details about what else if there is anything else that will come with the steelbook editions.

Here are the images from PESFan.com

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19 August 2012

Konami OnAir: PES Show 04 + 05

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Konami released there final two videos for PES 2013 from Gamescom. Below are the two videos with the descriptions from the Official PES YouTube channel.

GamesCom is now over, lets hope for further news detailing Demo 2 and release date soon. We have you covered though. As soon as that news is available we will let you all know

Konami On Air: PES 2013 Show # 04 (Player ID)
Turning football stars into a gaming reality.We will get to explore the magic of transferring a player's personality and style,from the pitch into your living room. Fans will get to identify themselves with their favourite players and take them for run through the pitch.

Konami On Air: PES 2013 Show # 05 (PES League)
We have a special guest in this edition. A PES League player will join us to discuss the new features in PES 2013.
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