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27 January 2012

PES 2012 Official Feedback Survey

Konami have released a official survey for all PES fans to take part in and tell them what you think of PES 2012. There are many questions asking for your opinion on game modes, edit mode, online and even the formation options you use.

All this feedback will help make PES 2013 a better game so make sure to take part as soon as possible.

The survey can be found HERE
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26 January 2012

"Like" Jon Murphy

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PES Team Leader, Jon Murphy has joined Facebook and promised some behind the scenes info from PES past, present and future . We should be getting some information in the coming days so "Like" his page and keep up to date. You can find Jon Murphy's Facebook page HERE.

Here is what Jon had to say in his first welcome post:

  Welcome to my official Facebook fan page. Bear with us while we get this sorted, but there will be a huge amount of behind the scenes info from PES past, present and future in the coming days and weeks! Thanks, Jon.
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14 January 2012

OnLive Gets PES 2012

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PES 2012 is now available to pre-order on the OnLive system. If you are wondering and unsure what OnLive is then you can find out more via there official website here.

Also as a bonus if you do not yet own a OnLive Game System then with every pre-order of PES 2012 they are offering a free system to you. The game and the OnLive system for £29.99 is a great deal.

You can pre-order now HERE.
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13 January 2012

Help With PES 2012 Shooting

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Many people do not like or struggle with the shooting in PES 2012. It is unlikely that we will see a patch released to fix the issues we have with shooting this year, so instead Konami have released a few videos and tips for shooting on the official PES 2012 Website.

Below are the links to all the tips Konami have given to help you improve your shooting this year.

Correct Alignment For Goal Kicks

Shot Power As An Influencing Factor

The Controlled Shot

The Weak And Strong Foot
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