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19 April 2012

First PES 2013 Screen Found (+ Comparisons)

WENB Forum Member 7RQuaresma came across the first image of PES 2013 this afternoon featuring cover boy Ronaldo. The image is part of the official site due to launch tomorrow at 11am

The screenshot looks great and comparing it to real life Ronaldo, it sure does seem Konami have got him spot on. Image and comparisons below.

Click on images to enlarge.
 PES 2013 / PES 2012 Ronaldo (Below)

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  1. Brilliant comparisons. Great work! And a nice way to display the screens, looks good!

  2. It looks so much better than PES 2012.

  3. haha thats what you think, they are god at making screenshots but if this isnt from new engine then pes 2013 will be same shit as pes 2012, ps1 graphics, disgusting un human like animations, shit controls tech etc

  4. CR7 looks retarded whatever he does!


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