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31 May 2012

PES 2013 Announcement Trailer June 1st

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Konami has announced a PES 2013 announcement trailer for tomorrow. It's a pre-E3 trailer that starts from 9am CET were they will be showcasing a special E3 interview with the new PES Team face Kei Masuda. To follow tomorrows event click here.

In meantime we also got some new screenshots:

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30 May 2012

PES Next-Gen, PSVita And Seabass News

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Konami confirmed to press in Brazil that PES 2013 is not going to be released on the PS Vita, although they are working with the PS Vita and there will be a PES game coming for the console at a later date. Here is what Konami had to say:

"We're not saying that we're not going to have PES on the Vita forever. We're working on development for a Vita version, of course, but it may not happen for PES 2013."

We heard a few weeks back that Seabass may not be working on this years PES and working on another project within Konami. The press asked Konami about this and here is what they had to say:

"He is working on a new PES project but we can't give you any details on that. If everything goes well probably Seabass will be able to announce something at the end of this year or the beginning of next year."

Finally some HUGE news to come out from the press that were in Brazil is that Konami (Seabass secret project??) are already working on PES for next gen consoles (PS4, Xbox 720). But we might have already guess that right? Maybe, but also revealed is that the PES team are working VERY CLOSELY with the Fox Engine that is in development for future Konami games. If you are not familiar with what the Fox Engine is then find out more HERE, looks pretty dam impressive.
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PES 2013 Brazil Tour Impressions

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Finally the embargo for the Brazil tour that was held just earlier this month has been lifted and all the press that were lucky enough to attend the event are able to share with the community there impressions.

Where better to start of than WENB and a well written and detail impressions from Adam.

The links to the rest of the released impressions are below -

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New PES2013 Screens Released

To kick off a massive day for the PES Fan base Konami released some new screenshots of PES 2013. At first glace you may be disappointed due to it looking very similar to PES 2012, but it has been known for a while now that Konami are focusing mainly on the gameplay side of things and graphically it will be similar with only small changes comparing it to PES 2012.

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27 May 2012

PES 2013 Embargo Drops On 30th May

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On Wednesday 30th May will the embargo drop for the press and selected key members of the PES community who went to Brazil a couple of weeks ago. The guys had the opportunity to play PES 2013 at the show in Brazil, so the guys will be able to give us a good impression on how PES 2013 is shaping up.
We will get to see the first impressions about the game and hopefully will we also get some new info about the newest features in the game. It will be a big week for PES fans.  
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16 May 2012

PES 2013 Trailer On Konami Pre-E3 Conference?

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A new PES 2013 trailer could be on it's way. A click on this link at the official PES 2013 facebook page, sends you direct to a page with a countdown to Konami pre-E3 conference. The link indicates that Konami is ready to show a pre-recorded conference like last year. Last years pre-E3 conference gave us a new PES 2012 trailer, and that's why we have a good reason to think that, we will see the same this year with a new PES 2013 trailer at this year pre-E3 conference.
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11 May 2012

PES 2013 Press Conference In Brazil

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A PES 2013 press conference has been held this week in Sao Paulo, Brazil, were Konami is showing the newest features of PES 2013. Adam from WENB are representing the PES community in the conference and hopefully has he brought some feedback from the community to Konami.

Press members from various gaming sites is there and ready to give their opinion to us later this month when the embargo drops. On twitter has there already been giving some opinions about PES 2013.

Steve Merrett on Twitter :

”You know those advances in PES 2013 you wanted? Yep, there they are… #PES2013Brazil”

”Did someone say ‘already better than FIFA’? A couple, actually… #PES2013Brazil”

Sounds very promising. We all just have to wait until the end of this month were the embargo drops.
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