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30 May 2012

New PES2013 Screens Released

To kick off a massive day for the PES Fan base Konami released some new screenshots of PES 2013. At first glace you may be disappointed due to it looking very similar to PES 2012, but it has been known for a while now that Konami are focusing mainly on the gameplay side of things and graphically it will be similar with only small changes comparing it to PES 2012.

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  1. f*ck the graphics, same as 2011, and looking at the players, animations is probably same as 2011 with only few changes.

  2. PES 2013 will be very similar with only minimal changes GRAPHICS wise, but it is all about the gameplay for Konami this year, which I support them in there vision to focus on gameplay, as much as I would like to see the graphics improved I think this years focus is fine and next year, possibly on next gen consoles the graphics will blow us away. (I Hope)


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