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28 June 2012

PESKings Interview PES 2013 Producers

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Last week Oliver (PESKings.net) had the chance to play PES 2013 early at the Konami offices and also hold a interview with the PES producers. Below is the translated version of his interview. Hopefully everything is understandable and not lost in translation.

As we mentioned in our play test impressions a few days ago, we had the opportunity to interview the two producers of PES 2013, Ippei Nio (to the left in the image) and Manorito Hosoda (Central).

In the rest of the header image, you can find Borja, of Konami Spain, and me doing the interview (the right). We did the questions in Spanish, then translated it into English. Borja and Ippei Nio who understands English, translated it into Japanese to Manorito Hosoda, and then of course the reverse for their answers.

Here's the interview:

Q) What aspects of the game will you be focusing on from now on with 60% of code developed, until the end of development?

A) Primarily for the remainder of development, We will focus on improving the AI a lot, I mean with the ideas we have to make it really effective, weighing in every sense of the game, and especially also issue of a real balance and very effective between defense and attack, I mean, that it wasn't a very offensive game or a very defensive game.

Q) Will there be any improvement to the online games to fight against cheaters? For example, if a user is currently self-made 3 goals, both players are harmed.

A) We will have a new system that will do is that you will have noticed that every player has a given ratio of matches and fair play, and say that on these parameters, as it will detect the player cheat and on these parameters, say, to detect someone who claim to another, with these ratios for each player will be able to make decisions much tougher on those users.

Q) About commentators in matches, for spanish PES game, will we have still the same? Any improvement in this regard?

A) Yes, still the same, Carlos Martinez and Julio Maldonado (Maldini). Have increased greatly the programming of the comments, while maintaining the same talents, both in Spain say the two commentators, and most importantly, it will eliminate many phrases that make little sense in many situations, bone , thinks that maybe they were playing back, many situations will be eliminated from being so obvious, I mean so ambiguous, and the most important development is that many comments have been added specifically for players with the Player ID, these players very important that we have identified that list will have very specific data about its behavior in the field and on their gaming skills.

Q) Limit will be increased to belong to 3 Communities and the limit of 100 users per community?

A) There is not going to increase the number of users but we do that is to integrate a new system of Online Community, through widgets, for example, you see your co-activities Community, apart from all this for geographical area, even at the Community but also that you are able to join specific communities of cities in the world and people playing near you.

Q) There are rumors that the league will be licensed in Argentina and Brazil, is it true? Are you working on it? (Here they laughed a little between them, it seemed like it's a question that people do a lot and caused them to laugh a little, or maybe want to hide something)

A) Right now we can not say anything about it, but in July you'll have more details on this specific question.

Q) About the Master League Offline, people would like to see the possibility to switch teams between seasons, receive offers from other teams. Have you introduced such a feature?

A) It is a good recommendation and I really think it's very interesting, they will speak with the development team if they can implement this year, but they believe it is something that surely, sure, will be implemented next year, but at least they will try to return to Japan, to see with the team if they can implement it.

(Here we commented that there were few questions already, and we laugh a lot because Manorito Hosoda, made a gesture as if nothing happened, that more questions, more questions, making hand gestures that he wanted more) - A very kind gesture their part.

Q) About the Edit mode, can you clarify / tell us whether there will be any significant improvement?

A) There you won't see big improvements over last year, but we are working on many improvements and very interesting for next year, in this specific aspect.

Q) In the case that next year there isn't new generation of consoles, people are talking about a new graphics engine, the Fox Engine, is anyway to include the current generation of consoles?

A) They will have new engine next year, okay, even if no new generation consoles, because we think that, while not a perfect year to have it, definitely yes that is a good time to implement the new graphics engine and these fantastic changes we are going to do.

Q) Can you comment something about whether there will be something new, for example, a new mode, which has not been announced yet. May not know that, but at least tell me if waiting for something or not.

A) New developments are already made, okay, these three pillars will be there represented in the game, we do not say is that although there won't be new as important as those three, yes it is true that they to have more details such as the new Community mode, which will know more details soon, and the new ranking system and rivals of the online mode, which has been improved and has many more new sections.

Final Comment: Here I told Borja that would make a constructive criticism about PES 2012 that currently has a couple of bugs / problems / bugs important, and that although the community is increasingly happy because they listen to feedback from users, but once the game released in the current version, have spent many months and have not been corrected (I meant to long shot L1 + shot and the subject of freeckicks in online games if you leave the machine to shoot are almost always goal).

A) Here the first thing I did Manorito Hosoda just hear the translation in Japanese, was out of the corner where we were doing the interview was to point to a book, which was aimed more feedback from people, this failure to test it on PES 2013 when they come to Japan, and check that it does not recur.

Give million thanks to Konami Spain for allowing us to do this interview, and especially Borja had to do liaison / translator in the interview, making it was very easy for us to do it. Thank you!
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25 June 2012

PESKings.Net Impressions.

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Oliver from our partner site PESKings.net was invited to play test PES 2013 in the Konami offices in Madrid Spain.

Olivers impressions can be found HERE (In Spanish) English translation will follow at a later date as I am working with Oliver to translate.

Next up is the Q&A sessions that Oliver held with the producers of PES 2013.
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20 June 2012

3 Bundesliga Teams In PES 2013.

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An interview with Manorito Hosoda and Jon Murphy by the German site Netzwelt, confirmed that PES 2013 will have one more Bundesliga team than last year. Last year we had Bayern Munich and Werder Bremen, but could Borussia Dortmund be the next team?
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19 June 2012

New PES 2013 Screens Released.

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Konami have released new images for the upcoming PES 2013, they show some new stadiums and some goalkeeper saves. All images can be found below.

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14 June 2012

Your PES 2013 Questions.


Next week Oliver from PESKings.net (Spanish PESKings) will be going to a community event held at the Spanish Konami Offices. Despite been invited to the UK event this week I was unable to attend the event in London (UK).

If you still have unanswered questions regarding PES 2013 then you can leave a comment in the comments section below or on the PESKings.net post. You can also send me a email via Andy@PESKings.com with your questions or finally you can tweet me or Oliver on twitter at the following accounts - Andy - Oliver

We look forward to answering as many of your questions as possible.
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12 June 2012

PES 2013 Demo Confirmed For July.

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We posted news regarding rumors that the first PES 2013 demo would be released in July last week but now we have had some more confirmation that, that information is correct.

Marvin Ronsdorf (Prorevo) is in the UK play testing PES 2013 at the Konami offices in London today tweeted the following -

"The PES-Team confirmed me that there are two #PES2013 demos. First in the second half of July and the second around the release!"

Releasing a demo so early shows confidence in the game at its current stage and also enables our feedback on the first demo to impact (hopefully) the final release of PES 2013.

Stay tuned for more news over the following days from the PES 2013 community day in London. 
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11 June 2012

PES 2013 Release Date On 7th Sep?

The online game store site Zavvi.com has set the 7th September as the date for the release of PES 2013 and you can also pre-order the game now. Zavvi.com is associated with Pesfan.com and that's why we have a good reason to believe that the release date is realistic. There is no confirmation from Konami about the release date yet, and we properly won't hear anything until Gamescome.
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8 June 2012

PES 2013 Demo Coming In July?

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PES 2013 demo coming in July? Well, according a twett from robbyearon who is a representative of WENB Americans and is at E3 right now, has claimed that Konami have told him a nice little bit of information..

"#PES2013 demo will be out this summer July. #E3"

No exact date has been set yet but stay tuned for a confirmation from Konami.
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PES 2012 Vs PES 2013 Graphic Comparison

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With the focus mainly on the gameplay this year, has konami still manage to put some small improvements into the visual part of the game. You can see the small improvements in the comparisons below. It's not much but you can see the difference between PES 2012 and PES 2013. It's especially the colors and light effects that Konami has been improving on. It's not much but with the gameplay improvements we have seen so far, is it more then acceptable that Konami has chosen other priority's then the visual this year. Watch the comparisons below.      

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7 June 2012

PES 2013 E3 Trailer No3

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Konami has released yet another trailer of PES 2013. This one shows more in details of what the newest features in the gameplay will bring us. Watch below.

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6 June 2012

PES 2013 E3 Dev Interview

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Konami have released another video from E3 this time its a interview with Toru Kato and Kei Masuda. They talk about features in PES 2013 but mainly things we already know about. The things to keep your eyes on is the TV screen in the background where there are yet to be released videos, showing first touch and manual shooting.
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PES 2013 E3 Trailer No2

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Konami are certainly spoiling us this year with plenty of videos videos to show the new features in PES 2013. With today's latest video they show of the new and improved Goalkeepers and show much stunning Player ID sections.

I wont talk any more about it, check it out below.
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PES 2013 Day One DLC Info

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Asim from NextGenGamingBlog has revealed some big news straight from the E3 show floor over in LA. Where will be a day one DLC available for PES 2013, but it will be a big one. Asim revealed that included in the DLC will be 20 (Yes 20) Official Spanish league stadiums. Here is what his tweet said:

"Bit of a #PES2013 exclusive. 20 official Spanish league stadiums will be day one DLC. Wait, for free!"

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PES 2013 Demo Soon?

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With all the screenshot and videos been released this week from E3 our anticipation for PES 2013 is growing, but we may not have to wait that long until we get our hands on the demo.

On the official Facebook page for Pro Evolution Soccer, they posted the following -

"PES 2013 E3 trailer OUT! Watch it now and click LIKE if you can’t wait to play the first demo early this summer!"

So early summer a, that is not very far away at all. So get over there and start "Liking" and keep or finger crossed for news on a early demo soon.

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5 June 2012

PES 2013 New E3 Trailer Released.

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E3 officially kicked off yesterday but for PES fans around the world it is today when E3 really kicks off for us. Konami have released a new trailer for PES2013. Looks great I am sure you will all agree. To see the trailer just follow the link below. Don't forget to pop back though and let us know what you thought in our comments section below.
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PES 2013 Goalkeepers Improvements.

After Konami had showed us the latest trailer of PES 2013, has many people expressed concerns about the goalkeepers not being improved after seeing them in the trailer. Konami has promised big improvements on goalkeepers and a quick look on the latest press release, will give you the impression of that Konami are still keen to improve the goalkeepers even tho the trailer showed something else. According a press release from Konami at the E3 conference is there many improvements on the goalkeepers:

Goal keeping has been totally invigorated via new animations and play styles.

The PES team worked with real life goal keepers to improve motions ad GK logic to improve animations and quality of GK responses

Goalkeepers represent a massive advance, with all new animations and AI that helps them anticipate dangers and act accordingly.

The new intelligence and AI falls under the Player ID banner, which ensures the worlds greatest players behave like their real-world counterparts.

New varieties of saves and reactions have been added to ensure the game’s ‘keepers are in line with the efforts of real shot stoppers. 

This level of realism also extends to the game’s top-rated goal keepers, with their moves to close attacks down, fling themselves to tip a shot past the post, and in-goal acrobatics benefiting from all new animations and AI.

Remember that the press also found the goalkeepers improved a lot, and still with some months left before the game get's released, will Konami have plenty of time to improve the goalkeepers.

Update: From Asim Tanvir twitter profile: So, yes, played #PES2013. Thoughts to come later from both me and @GariClark. Positive though, very positive. Keepers noticeably better. Yup, new animations. Keepers have own styles too. 
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New PES 2013 Screenshots From E3

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Check out the latest screenshots of PES 2013 released along side the E3 trailer today. Stay tuned here on PESKings where we will be keeping you updated with the latest images and videos of PES 2013 from E3.

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1 June 2012

PES 2013 Announcement Trailer Released

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Konami have officially released the first trailer for PES 2013 at E3. PES 2013 new lead developer Kei
Masuda gives you new insights into the development of the latest part of the PES 2013. Among other things, Kei talks about the key features PES FullControl and PlayerID. It all sounds very exiting and no doubt that we will be hearing a lot more about PES 2013 at the upcoming E3 event.

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