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14 June 2012

Your PES 2013 Questions.


Next week Oliver from PESKings.net (Spanish PESKings) will be going to a community event held at the Spanish Konami Offices. Despite been invited to the UK event this week I was unable to attend the event in London (UK).

If you still have unanswered questions regarding PES 2013 then you can leave a comment in the comments section below or on the PESKings.net post. You can also send me a email via Andy@PESKings.com with your questions or finally you can tweet me or Oliver on twitter at the following accounts - Andy - Oliver

We look forward to answering as many of your questions as possible.
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  1. * National super cups (Not licensed)
    * Confederation cup (Not licensed)
    * TEAMS from ASIA, AFRICA and ASIA, for a full FIFA CLUB WORLD CUP
    * 3 kit for some teams
    * more skills(bridge, hocus pocus, mcgeady spin, and more)
    * 2 division for all leagues (Not licensed)
    * more teams from UCL and UEL
    * leagues from sudamerica, to play copa libertadores, copa sudamericana, recopa.
    * teams from asia, africa, north-america fro a full fifa world club cup.

  2. can you get offers from other clubs if you manage a club

  3. Hey!

    Could you take a look at player stats?
    Just to see if they've changed the atributes or not


  4. can the music be better not just soundtracks but fast music

  5. is there any changes to the transfer system eg proper player values

  6. Can I play normaly this game with 256mb Graphic Card,and 1Gb RAM

  7. Change graphics to Pes 2010 ...it is a simple task...

  8. you can compare between PES 11 and 12 , in PES 2011, player's feet has proper grip with the pitch, but in PES 2012, players feet skids , Isn't this a blunder error?? .. I reported this to Jon Murphy last year after playing 1st demo.. He told me that he will report to Konami.. but the error remained in final release.. Are you guys there to just pretend to convey our feedback to Konami? OR you guys have difficulty communicating with Japanese ?

  9. I saw this in one of the gameplay video released on youtube. When a player scores a goal, there appeared the 4 buttons assigned with texts like "goal!!" , "that was superb" etc . What is it? is this the comment to be passed to online opponent? or 4 options was celebration after goal.

  10. in PES 2013 trailer, I see that, when GK punches the ball, the ball is reflected with equal force higher and wider as if GK is wearing an Iron gloves.

  11. Are we having repetitive cutscenes with subtitles again?? I think it is better to have screenshots and subtitles and should be dyanamic like in FL photo galery. Also, can FL photo galery be made unlimited with larger resolution of picture? so that I can save pics from each match i play.

  12. "can you get offers from other clubs if you manage a club" - Annonymous.

    This is one change Fans have been crying for last few years. Is this addressed in 13?

    I guess No

  13. There are quite a lot of elements in previous games that were better or should not have been taken out in new versions. Is Konami aware of those elements?

  14. When we press dash button to run faster, the player's running animation is simply made quicker. Here players' legs should also stretch more like in real so that we can feel the boost in player's movement.

  15. Kit mixing was so satisfying feeling in PES6 where we can mix shirt shorts and shocks in kit selection. Why was this not implemented in later versions? Is there any possiblity to have thi feature in comming versions?

  16. I still see it in PES 13 trailer, Ball skids too much on the pitch , I think ball should skid less and spin a little bit more. Please compare with real match on TV

  17. Is Konami really aware of this forum?

  18. I think , the buttons can be utilized also when ball is not on play. For eg:

    Given that buttons should be pressed instantly,
    i) After we make a tackle and commit foul,if we press button A ,we apolozize and give hand to the fouled player then maybe refree will consider not giving a yellow, if we press button B, we argue with the refree for calling foul because i got the ball, press other buttons and some other drama u know.

    ii) After i get tackled by opponent, press button A, I act like i m hurt a lot and spin left and right, press button B , if opponent team is rival and i m injured, pressing B will ignite a fight between players and 2 or 3 cards here and there, press other buttons and some other drama u know.

    iii) After scoring a goal, different buttons can be used for different celebrations.

    Is it too late to suggest these to Konami for 13?

  19. Why was camera flashes completely removed? ... Flashes sparked the stadium atmosphere .. Can that be added in 13?

  20. Players should have progressive dashing, and i agree with Rojan, the anymation should simply get faster, we should actually have the legs stretching more, and an extra effort of the player to reach the ball.
    Check this run from CR7 for instance: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6qegA1PB7k)(BTW, there should be this type of ball recovery, stop the ball on bounds and continue slowing down)

    Also, look how he runs with his body straight, only leaning his head back. He also runs tip toeing. Player ID only caught his open hands. Hi gravity center isn't that low, they make him look heavy on his legs.

    Look how he(and players in general) should run when at full burst: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTj6_E6zePU&feature=related (0:14)

    Players always run at the same speed.While i hate comparing with FIfa, a Speed Gauge could be useful, where you give an extra effort for a ball or a run, and get more tired.(momentum in dashes should be added)

  21. Hi.
    there are common questions about the options.
    like will you ever gonna add more cleats like what we see in real life football matches, and change the old one's or enough spaces for downloadable cleats or even a shop where you can change color,type of the cleats like the old gen og pes? in gameplay it seems that no matter how higher the player agility and techniques they still seem heavy and slow in dribbling! its just annoying.
    final wishes, make copa libertadores playable in become a legend and try to get more licensed teams and players.
    every year pes comes up with new pes game they miss out lotta players from the previews one! i swear for example ronaldinho is not in pes 2011 and 2012, A. guardado the mexican player is not in 2011 and 2012. and now that ronaldinho is back in 2013 please bring back all missing players and specially A. guardado.
    all this is about is improving the game and enhancing it.
    do add neck warmers this is a common asked questions, thank you


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