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31 July 2012

Give Your PES 2013 Demo Feedback.

WENB are asking for your feedback on the PES 2013 demo. So if you have any problems, see any bugs or want to say about the things that you love. WENB Feedback section on there forum is the place to do so.

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  1. I Like the game, improved graphics, improved goalkeepers, the AI is quiet forgiven than pes 2012 when playing against pc at superstar difficulty. I ALSO LIKE the new tackling system, it's more realistic.
    what I would love a lil bit of changes is probably better goal celebrations animations, team mates sometimes stand idle like nothing is happening when a goal is scored and also the celebration is sometimes delayed right after the goal. and also about commentary if the PES team are still going to maintain JOn Champion then it should really be updated and interesting or please he should be changed. I hate to say this but Martin Tyler is awesome in Fifa. ALl the same very very excellent game so far and ofcos it runs at 60fps as usual

  2. - the ribery spin don't overwrite the roulette and more skills
    - add national super cups, confederation cup and pres-season tournaments
    - second division, third kit.

  3. when we do a lob shoot, the ball bounced very high but slowly, making it look unrealistic, and Goalkeeper do not trying to save the ball while the ball can be pursued.

  4. Every things great just that I noticed that Raul Mierles doesn't have his tatoo's and some other players too , it would be Great If Konami Could Put Tatoo's on the player who need them Like F.Torres! ^.^

  5. Another Great thing would be to have the National Team original kit like For Argentina and Brazil, Usa.

  6. It would be Great if Konamo could put tatoo's on players who need them like Raul Mierles and Torres. Also If Konami could put the Original kit for Americas National Teams Like USA,ARGENTINA and Brazil.

  7. 1.sometimes defenders stand idle and wait for ball to come to them rather going themselves towards the ball...other times during a counter attack when defenders are running back to defend they don't try to win the ball simultaneously...even if its coming towards them they will just run towards their own goal and not try to win the ball....all in all the defending AI should improve.

    2.the chip shot takes a lot of time to reach ground and it looks very slow and unrealistic.

    3.some passes are very quick...even short passes are very fast...what it takes away is the time to position the player and to make a move.

    otherwise the game has improved a lot...the graphics,animations,player ID etc are all pros i could find in the demo...wish to see some of the above improvements in the 2nd demo...it'll make it perfect!!

  8. I loved the game .............. but the only thing that i didn't liked was the way players cross the ball............. player animation was much better in pes 2012 while crossing........... and i've tried like a hundred times but the ball never reached my players head ........ the crosses are slow and give way too mauch time for keepers and defenders to clear the ball .......... and the ball should be a little heavier in nature ......... sometimes it feels like u r kicking a volleyball than a football............ these are the only problems I've faced so far............ apologies for my bad english.............

  9. Providing nothing drastic would change, this will be the best pes since the haydays of iss evolution.
    Much improved animation. This for me was the most important aspect, it was ruining the game in the past...oh...and now it feels gooooood to thump the ball from a distance.

  10. Demo is very good. but keepers get rounded and chiped far too easily


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