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29 August 2012

PES2013 Demo Released (UK/EU)

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The second demo is now available to download via the PSN store in the UK/EU. It has many improvements over demo 1 and well worth a download.

Many would have already downloaded from the US store, I have downloaded both and do not see any differences but you may so is worth a download anyway.

Enjoy the final demo of PES 2013 and look forward to the game release in September.

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28 August 2012

PES 2013 Demo Out On US PSN

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You have already got a US PSN from last year right? If not you need to get one set up very easy and loads of tutorials online, because the PES 2013 demo is now out on the US PSN Store. It comes in at 1147mb. I am currently downloading it myself at the moment.

Let us know what you think below in the comments of the latest demo.

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Xbox 360 Demo 2 Released

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The second demo for PES 2013 has been released today on the Xbox 360. When Konami announced the demo they promised 10min games but it seems for one reason or another that did not happen and we still have 5min games. Very fun and great games at that.

Go give it a try now on Xbox Live
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24 August 2012

PES 2013 Brazil Event News (Brazil Clubs + Cover + Trailer)

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A few nights back Konami held a PES 2013 event in Brazil and announced that PES 2013 will feature 20 Brazilian teams fully licensed. The league its self will not be officially licensed just the clubs and player with in it. You can see all the included teams shown in the header image above and listed just below:

Atlético Mineiro - Fluminense - Vasco da Gama - Gremio - SC Internacional - Botafogo - Cruzeiro - Sao Paulo - Corinthians - Náutico - Flamengo - Portuguesa - Ponte Preta - Santos - Palmeiras - Coritiba - Bahia - Sport - Atletico Goianense - Figueirense

Also announced was the return of Neymar to the cover of the game in South American which is shown below.

Finally Konami released the trailer which was shown at the event.

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New Champions League Images

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Konami have unveiled the first images that commemorate the extension of the agreement with the UEFA Champions League.

The Champions League has featured exclusively in PES sins PES 2009 and it is set to continue with the upcoming PES 2013, below are the released screenshots which I must say are looking very nice.

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23 August 2012

PES 2013 Demo Date Released

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The second demo for PES 2013 has been announced and will be released next Tuesday 28th for the Xbox 360 as the following day 29th for the PS3.. The PC demo will follow sometime before the end of September..

Konami have confirmed that there will be 11 officially licensed team to chose from as well as 10min games. Also you will have the chance to play the new training trials..

More when we get it.
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21 August 2012

PES 2013: Manchester United Steelbook

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A couple of days ago we shared with you the announcement of the limited edition Champions League steelbook version of PES 2013, exclusive to Blockbuster in the UK.

Today we have received the first look at the Manchester United steelbook version which is this time exclusive to Game in the UK.

At the moment we have no confirmed details about what else if there is anything else that will come with the steelbook editions.

Here are the images from PESFan.com

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19 August 2012

Konami OnAir: PES Show 04 + 05

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Konami released there final two videos for PES 2013 from Gamescom. Below are the two videos with the descriptions from the Official PES YouTube channel.

GamesCom is now over, lets hope for further news detailing Demo 2 and release date soon. We have you covered though. As soon as that news is available we will let you all know

Konami On Air: PES 2013 Show # 04 (Player ID)
Turning football stars into a gaming reality.We will get to explore the magic of transferring a player's personality and style,from the pitch into your living room. Fans will get to identify themselves with their favourite players and take them for run through the pitch.

Konami On Air: PES 2013 Show # 05 (PES League)
We have a special guest in this edition. A PES League player will join us to discuss the new features in PES 2013.
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17 August 2012

Konami OnAir: PES Show 03

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The latest OnAir had been posted on the official PES YouTube channel after streaming the show live this afternoon, you now have another chance to see it if you missed it earlier.

This video they detail ProActive AI in PES 2013 and how it impacts the game.

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PES 2013: Limited Edition Steelbook

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A massive thanks goes to Prorevo for providing the following images. In a earlier post we shown you a picture from Jon Murphy's twitter account of him holding the upcoming limited edition PES 2013 Steelbook, well thanks to Prorevo we have some more images to show you of the masterpiece.

Personally I think it looks  amazing. and can not wait to preorder and get my hands on it.

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PES 2013 Cover Revealed + Steelbook

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The Official PES Facebook page has released the first image of the cover for the PS3 edition of PES 2013. You can see the image below.

Also Jon Murphy has show a picture of him holding up a special edition steelbook PES 2013 case. No details are yet released about if there are any other extras with the steelbook edition, more when we have it.

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16 August 2012

Konami OnAir: PES Show 02

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The second show from Konami at GamesCom is now live on the Official PES YouTube channel. You can watch below.

"PES 2013 - A comprehensive look at the new feature.Jon Murphy will shows us in detail the brand new feature "Full Control". The fans get a chance to get all the questions answered and a lucky fan will have the chance to join us live on the show!"

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Konami OnAir: PES Show 01

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The Official PES YouTube channel have posted up Konami On Air: PES 2013 Show 01 An In-Depth Introduction, which was shown early today live on Konami Air, but if you missed it this is your chance to catch what Jon Murphy had to say. The video is 18mins long and well worth a watch.

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WENB.de Post Player Images

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Ben from WENB.de has posted up some player images taken from the Gamescom showfloor. They can all be found HERE.

The players are from the following teams -

Paris St. Germain
Manchester United
Inter Mailand
FC Porto
FC Bayern
Real Madrid
Athlético Bilbao
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15 August 2012

GamesCom 2012: PES 2013 Coverage

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15 August 2012:

We started the day early this morning with a new trailer released by Konami (PES 2013: Gamescom Trailer)

Marvin Ronsdorf from Prorevo then tweeted a image from the Gamescom show floor which shows us that the version of code that is on show is 90% complete and also confirming the release date will be some time in September. ( Image )

Konaim OnAir is streaming live Gameplay footage throughout Gamescom direct from the show floor. 

Ben from WENB.de has posted up the full list of Team and Stadiums present in the code here is the list: 

National Teams: Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, England

Europe Clubs: Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Athletico Bilbao, Inter, Juventus Turin, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Montpellier, PSG, OSC Lille, Saint Etienne, Toulouse, FC Porto, Benfica, SC Braga, Sporting Lisbon, Ajax Amsterdam, Feyenoord, PSV, AZ Alkmaar

South American Clubs: Atletico Mineiro, SC International, Sao Paulo, Ponte Preta, Gremio, Cruzeiro, Nautico, Santos, Figueirense, Portuguesa, EC Bahia, Coritiba, Palmeiras, Sport Recife

ShopTo.net (UK Online Games Retails) released 6 new screens from PES 2013 a few of these were released a couple of days back but you can see them all HERE or below

PS2, PSP, Wii, 3DS release date is confirmed by Marvin Ronsdorf from Prorevo as been 11th October, still no release date for PS3 Xbox 360 and PC as yet.

PESFan.it come across the first "confirmation" that the Brazilian League will be licensed and feature in PES 2013, Check out there post (HERE) or just the image for the evidence. Great Find.

More as it happens.
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Gamescom Kicks Of With A Trailer

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Gamescom has officially started for PES 2013. Konami have released the first trailer of the event which the link for can be found below. No new details to take from the video really, but is nice all the same.

Also from Gamescom this morning, Prorevo editor Marvin Ronsdorf has had some time playing the game and has reported that the Gamescom code is 90% complete and it is also confirmed by Konami that September is when the game is due out, we expect to find out a specific date's very soon.

Stay tuned for a busy few days for PES 2013 at Gamescom
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13 August 2012

Konami's Gamescom Schedule Release

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Konami have today released there schedule for Gamescom starting on Wednesday. You can see the full schedule HERE.

Below is the PES 2013 Gamescom Schedule:

15/08/12 - PES 2013 Gamescom Trailer: An In-Depth Introduction

16/08/12 - Full Control: A Comprehensive Look At New Feature

17/08/12 - ProActive AI: Exploring The Brains Behind The Brawn.

18/08/12 - Player ID: Turning Football Stars Into A Gaming Reality

19/08/12 - PES League: Will The Pro School The Dev?
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8 August 2012

Official PES Twitter Launched.

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Konami have launched a Official Pro Evolution Soccer Twitter account. To start with they have one tweet that reads the following
    "Welcome to the Official Twitter page for PES! Leave us any questions about the new features and keep an eye out for Gamescom news!"

You follow the official PES Twitter Account HERE.

Big week next week with plenty of new content due from Gamescom. So be sure to stay tuned.
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