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11 October 2012

Konami Statement: DLC Issues.

Konami have released a statement regarding the current issues people are having with DLC 2. Once the DLC pack has downloaded the game will freeze (If you have a OF installed) and when you reboot your PS3 the game will not load past the "Press Any Button" screen at the start. This is due to a problem caused by using a Option File in PES 2013.

The only way at the moment to get past this problem is to delete the DLC from the PS3 or Delete your Edit Data, but then you will loose your Option File.

Here is the official Statement from Konami:

We have received reports that the game froze once the Data Pack 2.0 was applied to the game. 

We are now investigating into this issue, but have stopped releasing the Data Pack 2.0 which seemed to be the cause of the issue. 
It will be released again once the issue is solved. 

Deep apologies for any troubles and inconveniences caused.

Hopefully Konami act quick with this one and we see the issue sorted out very quickly.
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