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13 November 2012

MyPES 2013 Now Up and Running.

Konami have today launched MyPES for PES 2013, after many delays it is finally up and running. Below is the run down of what MyPES is and what it does this year.

Description from Official PES 2013 Site (Here)

Stats and Games

You will be able to show off and track your own stats, which will not only include your loss / defeat ratio, but also goals scored, ball possession, corners, cards and much much more!

You will also be able to see all your friend's last matches, seeing his results and stats, which will allow you to check if he is actually on that massive win streak he's been bragging about.


We have introduced a revamped "Badge" system, which will provide you with special awards for completing challenges in your myPES 2013 matches. This can range from win streaks, to awesome goals, or even specific hidden plays and moves.

Badges will have 4 tiers of progression, meaning that for example if you win a match you might trigger the "bronze" version of the badge, but you will actually need to keep growing your legacy to achieve further tiers.


You can join groups that will place you in a global ranking to see who is the better overall PES 2013 player. The first time you register for myPES 2013 you will automatically join a city and country group, to pit yourself against all the PES 2013 players living in the same country and city as yourself.

You can also create personal groups and invite your friends, for a more personal ranking, to end once and for all the eternal discussion of who amongst your friends is the better PES 2013 player!


Another great addition is the possibility to create private leagues. Once you have created or joined a league, you will be able to assign the matches you play against each other to the league of your choice.

MyPES 2013 will keep track of your games and give you an accurate ranking to see who the ultimate league champion is.
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