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24 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from PESKings!
Hope everyday has a wonderful day

We will be back very soon with more news on PES 2014 patches and DLC! Until then please read a Christmas message from PES Community Leader Adam Bhatti:

“This has been a challenging year for PES, as we undertake a transition into a new era for the series. Learning from the last generation, the team’s focus was to build a new foundation which would make the move to the next generation much smoother than the last.

At the same time, we understand the ambitious changes have created divided opinions amongst our fan-base and thrown up many unforeseen, but well documented issues. We really appreciate the support and feedback from the community in fixing those issues.

PES 2014 represents a key moment in the series you all love, and as we move forward we hope to fulfil the vision of the PES Production team. Our initial focus is to keep the content coming, with more updates and tweaks as we keep reacting to fan feedback. Looking ahead, the addition of the new European PES studio is already working non-stop with the team in Japan, to make sure all opinions and ideas from the community are considered, allowing us to prove we have the pedigree to deliver a PES game that speaks to all of our fans.

As we battle through a tough period, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who is supporting us, and to assure you all we won’t stop as we look to create a game that sends us back to the top.We know we need to learn from our mistakes, while taking much needed steps forward that elevates PES to where it belongs.

We won’t get there without you.

Happy holidays, I wish everyone a wonderful new year.

Adam Bhatti – PES European Community Manager”
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5 November 2013

PES 2014: Data Pack 2 Details

Konami have released details for the upcoming Data Pack for PES 2014 due out later this month.

The update will include 800 new faces along with new boots and updated kits for certain teams. The update will also add 11v11 and updates for the squads.

Here is the press release from Konami.

KONAMI hears the fans! New data pack updates player rosters and adds 800 new likenesses to PES 2014 and more.

"Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. has revealed details for its forthcoming free Data Pack 2 for PES 2014 coming later this month.

Designed to bring all team rosters fully up to date, the update will include all transfers made ensuring that all current players are at their correct teams. Moreover, the publisher has also extended the realism of the game’s stunning visuals, with the addition of over 800 new faces which are included within the download. This will ensure that even more players are represented in staggering clarity, with the likes of Manchester United’s Da Silva twins, Boca Juniors' Riquelme, Real Madrid's Isco and England's own, Jack Wilshere, are amongst those that will be upgraded.

Moreover to the roster updates, feedback has been gathered from the PES community and a multitude of other additions have been added via the new data pack. The download also bolsters the online elements of the game, with the long awaited addition of the 11 Vs 11 mode, enhancements to the chat elements, and gameplay tweaks. A new ‘Team Play’ lobby system has been incorporated, as have online competitions and Master League Online competitions to the game’s Competition Mode.

New official kits have also been added, with more third kits added to the likes of Santos, Palmeiros and Flamengo, which sponsorships have been amended to key teams where necessary. New adidas, Nike, Puma and Mizuno boots have also been included, and will be available via the game’s Edit mode, which has also been enhanced for ease of use with the addition of the player base copy and more functionalities."

Expect more details on gameplay fixes at a later date when details for the patch which will be released along side the latest DLC.

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24 October 2013

PES 2014: New Patch & Data Pack In November

More than a month has gone since the release of PES 2014 and Konami are working hard to improve the game experience. The PES community manager Adam Bhatti confirms that the upcoming patch and Data Pack will contain 800+ new faces, transfer update, updated rosters, and other general improvements like gameplay bugs. The new patch and Data Pack is expected to be released in november.

Xbox 360 owners already have a patch ready for download today that delivers an online mode, fix for data-pack download problems and Master League Online service. It comes after Xbox 360 owners of PES 2014 have struggled to play the online part of the game since the game release after many users were unable to download the Data Pack containing the online modes. Konami apologies in a official statement: 
“Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. has announced that a new update is now available that remedies all online issues affecting the Xbox 360 version of PES 2014, restoring full online functionality to the game.
The update can be automatically installed from within PES 2014, and delivers an online mode and Master League Online service, and also rectifies previous issues with updating the game via KONAMI data-packs.
A full 11-Vs-11 Online mode is currently in beta and will be available in the coming weeks. Additionally, users can expect to see another Data Pack update in November that will include over 800 player face updates, updated rosters and improvements based on user feedback.
KONAMI is extremely grateful for the patience and understanding shown by PES 2014 users affected by the issues. Further DLC updates created to bolster the performance of the acclaimed football title will also be announced shortly.”
More details about the specific improvements of the upcoming patch will come soon. 
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20 September 2013

PES 2014: 1.01 Patch Released!

Today marks the release of PES 2014 and to go with it is the first patch to improve on some of the issues fans had in the demo. Shooting has been improved along with the overall responsiveness.

They have also added a few new balls and 3rd kits to enjoy.
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PES 2014: MyPES, Training & Online Trailers

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PES 2014: Edit Mode Trailer

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PES 2014 Master League Trailer

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11 September 2013

PES 2014: Demo Out Now!

Both the PlayStation 3 (PSN) and Xbox 360 (Xbox Live Gold) demos of PES 2014 are now available to download in the UK, Europe and US.

When you download the team here is what you will find:

Clubs: Bayern Munich, Santos FC, Manchester United, Colo-Colo, Boca Juniors.

International: England, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal.

Difficulty Settings: Beginner, Amateur, Regular (default), Professional, Top Player, Superstar.

The game time is set to 5 minute matches and can not be changed.

Go and enjoy because we have a special game on our hands this year.
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6 September 2013

PES 2014: Mode News.

Adam Bhatti released some new information regarding Master League and Become a Legend on Twitter last night. Here is what he had to say:

Master League:

"I was playing ML today, and after my first season left my beloved Milan for Corinthians. Oh Pato, how I have missed thee #PES2014"

"Not been called up for a National job yet. Maybe a good season in Brazil will get me an offer. Came 2nd in Serie A behind...Juve :( #PES2014"

"The good thing about job offers in #PES2014 is that you get a huge list of choices depending on your success, across all leagues in the game"

"We do have new moments in the game when you win/lose leagues, and a brilliant CL presentation. Not that I saw, knocked out QF :( #PES2014"

"Transfer system built from PES 2013. Deeper % parameter of likely to join, with new club ranking having an impact"

"No usual 2% stuff or 100%. Using the full scale. Plus club ranking counts, and how successful you are" Referring to the transfer system

"No, boot boosting and purchasing items to boost performance taken out. Simulation."

Become A Legend:

"Have to say, BAL is tough. Make sure you pick your clubs wisely. Move too soon, and you won't get game time. Bide your time padawon #PES2014"

More mode news should be coming very soon with videos to show of whats new in full, we will keep you updated when this arrives.

The official Koanmi site for Winning Eleven 2014 has released a few screenshots for Master League, Become a Legend and Master League Online, they are shown below!

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4 September 2013

PES 2014: Edit Mode Additions

PES European Community Manager - Adam Bhatti has announced on his twitter account that PES 2014 will not only feature 3rd kits for unlicensed teams but also 4th kits will be present and editable.

Here is what Adam had to say:

"Boom! Huge massive congrats to the PES Productions team. Last min surprise in edit mode is go! So proud of them, hard work until the end!"

"The cool new addition? Well, not only can you now add 3rd kits to unlicensed teams...you can add 4th kits too!!!! :O"

"Really happy, as 3rd kits were only for licensed teams, as mentioned earlier in the year. But to add 3rd kits, then go further is awesome!"
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29 August 2013

PES 2014: What Not To Expect!

The release of PES 2014 is getting ever closer and with the new engine and the positive impressions from media and attendees of Gamescom, Adam Bhatti (PES European Community Leader) wants to get any negative news that could surprise fans once the game is released or when reviews start coming thought out of the way now.

Adam when on to the WENB forums and made a post on there to let PES Fans know what will be missing from PES 2014 and the reasons that they will not feature.

PES 2014 will not feature rain weather effects and will also not feature any Spanish Stadiums this year which is a loss as last year PES 2013 had every La Liga stadium.

The option in edit mode to create your own stadium has also been removed this year.

Adam goes into detail explaining that EA have been "extremely aggressive" with there capturing of licenses with clubs and leagues this year. This is the reason they are not allowed to include Spanish stadiums or a stadium editor and it is not due to any technical issue.

Not having rain included is due to a technical issues and time restrictions with the release getting very close. It was always in there plans to feature Rain as a weather effect and also have it effect the game play on the pitch as rain would in real life.

I would highly recommend reading Adams full post on there matters to fully understand y they will not feature in PES 2014.

Hopefully that is all the bad news out of the way and we can look forward to a great and exciting new game which PES 2014 promises to deliver on the pitch.

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26 August 2013

PES 2014: AFC Trailer + Screens

Konami have released a new trailer for PES 2014 to promote there latest licence the AFC Champions League.

Konami have also secured 2 Saudi Arabian stadiums for PES 2014. The Prince Abdullah al-Faisal Stadium which is the home ground of Al-Ahli SC and Al-Ittihad FC. The second stadium is The King Fahd International Stadium which is the home ground of Al-Hilal, Al Nassr, Al Shabab and the Saudi Arabian national team. Pictures of both below the trailer.

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21 August 2013

Gamescom 2013 Full Coverage!

All the latest PES 2014 info from Gamescom is here.

PES 2014: Demo & Retail Release Dates
PES 2014: New Trailerm + Screens + DLC Bonus

Release Date - EU 19th September - UK 20th September
Demo Date - PS3 & Xbox 360 11th September
PC Demo coming after launch due to hacking of PES 2013 demo.
Pre-Order DLC available - Classic Kits for a selection of teams.
3 German Bundesliga teams licensed - Bayern Munich - Bayer Leverkusen - FC Schalke 04
Gamescom code is around 80% complete

Official Trailer:
Official PES 2014 Gamescom Trailer

Official Screens:
PES 2014: New Trailerm + Screens + DLC Bonus
Official Cover Art Released Below:

Show Floor Gameplay Videos:
Gameplay 1
Gameplay 2
Gameplay 3
Gameplay 4
Gameplay 5
Gameplay 6
Gameplay 7
Gameplay 8
Manchester United / Bayern Munich Players
Manchester United Player Stats Pt1
Manchester United Player Stats Pt2
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PES 2014: New Trailer + Screens + DLC Bonus

Gamecom coverage for PES 2014 has kicked off this morning with information on the release date and the demo.

Now we have even more PES 2014 awesomeness for you to check out. Below we have the official Gamecom trailer along with some new screen shots.

That's not all, with the screen shots below you will see that two of the screens will show us the DLC bonus you can receive when you pre-order PES 2014.

More from Gamescom through out today and the next few days. Don't forget to pre order PES 2014 now.

Official Gamescom Trailer:


 Pre-Order DLC Bonus:

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