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22 January 2013

PES 2013 - Online Cheating

Konami are really starting to crack down on cheating online and also making it easier for us to help them.

If you want to report a player for cheating online it can be done easily here - uk.secure.konami-europe.com/support.do 

Below is part of the article released by Konami but can be read in full HERE

  "As of today, 274 players have now been banned from online play on PES 2013 and thanks to your constant feedback, this number will be revised on an almost daily basis. The submission process for reporting players you suspect of cheating has now been improved and also sped up considerably to ensure repeat offenders are banned or suspended from using the service. This form can be found here: https://uk.secure.konami-europe.com/support.do"

"Rest assured this is an issue we take very seriously here at Konami. We’re grateful to all PES fans for their patience while we got this whole system up and running. It’s not been easy as we’ve had to share your frustrations without being able to feedback the info we wanted. It may also take time for some players data to be removed from leagues etc as we need to make sure it doesn’t affect those who have suffered in the same way. But we’re pleased to announce that progress has been made and will continue to be made."
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