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30 March 2013

Kei Masuda Q&A On New Engine

Konami have posted a new interview on there official site with the Pro Evolution Soccer producer, Kei Masuda.

Below is the Q&A Session: Source

"Q: You’ve started talking about the new PES engine, can you explain the origins of development and how PES will develop? 

A: As you may have read, the graphics engine is a result of our collaboration with Kojima Productions and uses elements of Fox engine. However, we’re making a very different product and so the PES Productions team had to come up with major new physics and AI models. Each of these areas are massive improvements for the series and will take us much further than any other sports title.

Q: How will PES2014 benefit from the new engine? 

A: We’ll go into specific product details shortly. The future of PES is very exciting. However, contrary to what you might have read on the internet, we have said nothing about PES2014. You should also know we haven’t said anything at all about the next generation of console platforms. As I said, both topics will be covered shortly so please keep an eye on official announcements.

Q: If you haven’t announced PES2014 yet or talked about next gen platforms, where have the current crop of materials come from? 

A: Everything we’ve demonstrated up until now is based on current gen technology using the new PES engine. We really believe it’s important to deliver an amazing experience on machines that most of our fans own. We will not be faking materials. This is what PES really will deliver and it’s so much more than just a better graphical experience.

Q: What about new formats, not just next gen consoles. Are the PES Productions team working on future plans? 

A: The new engine has been developed to be used across whichever platforms we choose. Obviously we’ll be listening to which devices our fans want to use, but rest assured the new engine is extremely flexible and very powerful."

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PES: Association Football Announced

Konami have announced PES: Association Football a new Facebook based game. Below is the press released from Konami. Information Source

"KONAMI invites users to partake in new Facebook football experience

Pro Evolution Soccer fans can now enjoy a taste of PES anywhere in the world at any time! Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH today invites all football fans to get an early taste for PES – Association Football, a new Facebook-based social football game created by the PES team over in Tokyo.

PES – Association Football offers a new PES experience, wherein users take on the role of a novice manager charged with developing a team of players into a group of world beaters. Developing tactics, unlocking new formations from a variety of clubs and recruiting players best suited to those positions. Steering your team from mid-table obscurity to giant-killers, and from contenders to champions.

You’ll need cash and resources to improve your team, which means going on the road in Tour mode; competing in single matches and invitational tournaments in order to gain experience and monetary rewards to progress as well as unlocking bonuses such as new styles of play. Use the rewards, bring in new players and develop a winning eleven to climb the league ranks and challenge for cups… but watch out, there is more than just you trying to make a name for yourself!

A variety of skills and player attributes are clearly highlighted, which are key elements for you to analyse as you look to build a team of world beaters. You can find an ongoing series of FAQ and tutorial articles showing how to strengthen your team in our forum at http://www.facebook.com/pesassociationfootball.

You can now participate in the Open Beta which allows you to pit your team against the best in the world in leagues made up of rivals from around the globe just by visiting https://apps.facebook.com/pes-afb/."
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PES 2013 Available On Steam.

Last week Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 was released for Download via Steam.

PES 2013 is the first PES game to be made available for digital download via Steam, also available is the March 2013 DLC.

The current price tag is £24.99  

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9 March 2013

Adam Talks New Engine

New PES European Community Manager Adam Bhatti better known for his massive role at WENB over the years has spoke to Prorevo.de about what to expect from the Edge reveal next week and some little details on the new engine.

Here is the interview in full:

" Prorevo: Hey Adam, people are speculating about the reveal and what it will bring, can you tell us what to expect?

Adam: Of course. I can not go into too much detail right now, but the extensive feature will explain how we're using the new engine that has been built. It's a huge article. What I can tell you, contrary to some of the things I've read, it is not using Fox Engine. The engine has been built from Fox Engine by the PES Productions team specifically for PES. 

So, I want to make it clear this article in Edge is step one of our plan this year. Rather than just announce the game we have planned for this year, we've decided to give everyone some context. So this first reveal is all about the engine that has been built. We'll do the usual product announcement expected later on, although once you read the article you'll realize the new game is far from normal.

We've got so much to talk about regarding the future of PES, this step by step reveal will give a better understanding of why this year is an important year for football games. Fans of the genre have been asking for change, we want to prove that PES Productions are the ones making that happen. "
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6 March 2013

Edge Reveal New Engine 14th March

Gaming magazine Edge has announced that they will exclusively reveal the very first details of the new Pro Evolution Soccer game engine next week.

In a small teaser for next week Edge said that we will get a insight into how Konami want to recapture the top spot of football games with "photorealistic graphics and a new take on soccer physics."

Here is the full article released by Edge:

      " Edge 252 contains exclusive details on how Konami seeks to reclaim Pro Evolution Soccer’s place at the head of sports games with photorealistic graphics and a new take on soccer physics. It also includes an interview with Hideo Kojima about Fox Engine and his vision for the next generation. It goes on sale March 14th."

This is not set to be a full reveal of PES 2014 but just the engine and the vision they have for the new engine.

The Magazine will be available in stores and also on there app on the iPad/iPhone on the 14th March.

Time to get excited has kicked in.
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5 March 2013

New Engine News Next Week!

PES Team Leader, Jon Murphy has today confirmed that we will get the first official news on the new engine been using in PES 2014 next week.

Here is what Jon Murphy had to say on Twitter:
  " Sorry for not being able to go into details, but first engine news will be out next week...more shortly #PES "

Any one excited for next week yet?

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Have Your Say: New Player ID

Konami want you to have your say on which players should receive there Player ID treatment in upcoming games.

You can tell Konami by commenting on there Facebook post where they have asked for our input, you can also say which moves you would like to see added from which player/s.

Follow the link below:

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