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18 April 2013

AFC Champions League License

Saudi daily newspaper Al-Jazirah have today reported that Konami have agreed a deal with AFC to bring the Asian Champions League license to future Pro Evolution Soccer titles.

Below is the translated article released: (Translation from WENB : Source ToDoWE)

“The Asian Football Confederation’s marketing division has successfully finalised a deal with the Japanese (digital) company Konami to bring the AFC Champions League to the PlayStation.

The final signatures will take place over the coming days in the Emirate of Dubai with the presence of the vice-president of the AFC Yousef Al-Serkal and Dr. Hafez Al-Medlej the head of marketing at the AFC, and from Konami the Chairman and the Head of Marketing.

The deal comes with the growing following of the AFC Champions League and the expansion of the competition between unions that fall under the banner of the AFC Champions League Asia, which will open the field to expand the base of participation in the AFC Champions League during the period from 2014 until 2016, by raising the number of participating countries from 10 countries to 23 countries, according to the classification of the AFC football in accordance with the decision of the Executive Office of the Union, which was held in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, headed by acting AFC head of operations Ji Long on Wednesday, 12/03/2013.”

This is still yet to be 100% confirmed from Konami but this was also rumored a few days ago when Asian Football Confederation Head of Marketing Dr. Hafez Al-Medlej tweeted about the agreement (Source)
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