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28 June 2013

PES 2014: Game Features Video

We have been treated very well this week by the PES team. We have another video that is 6 mins long and shows a lot of the new features we already know about but with in game examples which all looks great.

I am sure you don't want to read any more and just want to see this video, it is below!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.
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PES 2014 Kei Masuda Interview Part 2

Konami released there second part of the interview with Kei Masuda, this time he Kei talks about Player ID and Team ID and how they have been improved and implemented.

Also detailed is some improvements made to the Edit Mode with much more still to come.

We have due to get Part 3 next week in which we will learn more about the new Heart feature, Online Play and changes to BAL and Master League modes.

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26 June 2013

PES 2014 Kei Masuda Interview

Konami have released a new video which shows Kei Masuda talking about a few new elements of PES2014.

The video is Episode 1 so I am guessing there will be more soon. We will keep you posted.

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14 June 2013

PES 2014: All The News,Videos,Screens and Impressions.

What a week for PES 2014 it has been we have had screenshots, videos, impressions from websites, impressions from guys on twitter and other news filtering through from the Konami booth at E3.

Finding and keeping up with all this can be quite difficult so I have searched around and got as much as possible for you all in this one post so you don't miss a thing. Saves you some time right?

I will post all the news, screens, videos and impresses starting from the teaser trailer we got first. If I have missed anything then let me know in the comments below and I will add it in.


Teaser Trailer.

Konami Pre-E3 Show

Official Announcement/E3 Trailer.

Gameplay from Sony Latin America Conference.

Gameplay and interview from Gamespot Live E3 Stream.

Shaky Cam footage live from the Konami booth at E3.

News / Press Releases:

Official PES 2014 Site Launch

Official Announcement with press release.

League Mode will return in PES 2014.

New commentators and licences for Latin America 

Customisable in game cam is back.

Argentine and Chile leagues confirmed by Brazilian Konami Director, Anibal Vera

Website Hands-On / Impressions



IGN Spain



Twitter Impresses

1. These are just a few tweets direct from Jose Aguirre for more and to see the many questions he has answered follow him on twitter @8bitJose

"I'm blown away by this game. First impression was, what is this??? The moment it moves. It feels like a new game. A game that moves well

A game that looks right. But most importantly feels new! And even more importantly it feels like the next step for PES!

A giant leap in the right direction. A football simulation! Hardcore football sim that is #PES at heart!

The learning curve in this game is hardcore! We will have to take a more real life mind set into the game to make sense of things.

Shooting feels amazing! More free. Difficult to score. Really have to think about how and where to aim your shot. Rewarding!

But! We played 5 games or so and score like 3 goals only. And 2 were PK lol! One was a foul the other wasn't. But ref are decent.

Nothing outrageous with the refs. Was one of my worries but now isn't.

build is very early! And it felt vastly improved in every aspect of the game! So to know this will be improved up on is amazing!

Penalty kicks are something like ISS64. You can bring up a target area of where the shot will go. Felt better than before #pes2014 felt.

Free kicks are different too! More intuitive. I liked it!

Guys animation are amazing! FIFA looks like a videogame with great animations. PES looks closer to real life!

Remember the days when you played #PES and saw awesome little touches or animations? Well they're back! In abundance!"

2. Next we have a few tweets from Gari Clark make sure to follow Gari as he is a awesome writer for NGB and a great guy. @GariClark

"So....PES 2014. It feels so different but in a good way. So many possibilities with how the game plays now and in the way that everything flows and moves freely and easily. Very pleased with what I've played so far."

3. Next we have Editor-in-Chief at NGB again a great guy and a must to follow. @AsimTanvir

"Sneaked a quick go at #PES2014 before my 3pm appointment. It's bloody good. New engine definitely noticeable. Looks great and plays

Animations much improved. Difference is night and day when compared to #PES2013. Really nice pace to matches too. Realistic flow.

Guys, these are just quick impressions. More after 3pm appt. Leave with this too. Ball physics great too. Curled long passes etc.

Literally been playing #PES2014 since 3pm. Sorry about the Twitter silence. Enjoying it so much.

It's #PES, but new engine means there is a learning curve present. Not too steep though, especially if you're a hardcore player.

On a visual level, so much better, even at this early stage. A New animations galore. The more you play, the more you'll notice.

Staying with visuals, pitch looks infinitely better. Crowds look phenomenal. Lighting, especially at the Allianz, was great.

On the pitch, first touch and control is very important. You need to use the sprint button sparingly. Overuse will be punished."

4. Up next we have Nestor Villanueva who was also at E3 and had a lot to say about PES 2014. Make sure you follow Nestor to see all his tweets and answers to the many questions he received. @SuperNestor8

" Just played #PES2014, it's a complete sim.

Keepers animations are a step up than pervious #PES. Played a few games and didn't notice them being off, they positioned well.

At first glance it doesn't look like PES, it looks like another football title. The game is vastly different.

When you start moving and passing the animations shine. First touch, passing, body movement look life like.

I was very impressed by the slide tackles. Finally it works!!!

The refs were fine they need a touch up but nothing major

The headers felt great and the animations looked awesome because you see the defender and attacker fight for it.

FIFA animations skate around and #PES2014 feels more planted, more closer to real life.

For switching players at throw-ins you now press L1 and the right stick to select the players


Make sure to click on the images to enlarge. Some images are not available in a higher resolution yet but when and if they do become available I will replace the current lower ones.

PES 2014 / Fox Engine Ball




Team Play

The Core

True Ball


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13 June 2013

PES 2014: PES ID / Heart Screens

Konami have released a few more screens for PES 2014. These show another two features talked about in the announcement press release last week, PES ID and Heart.

As we have come to expect from PES 2014 already they look amazing, enjoy.

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12 June 2013

PES 2014: Videos From E3

Here is your first chance to see PES 2014 been played live on Gamespot and a Sony event this morning. We also have a short "shaky cam" video from the Konami E3 booth.

I will update this post if we get any more videos from E3 in the next few days.

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PES 2014: E3 Reaction

There are some guys lucky enough to be out in LA this week for E3 2013. Luckily for us though they are able to go on the E3 show floor and play some PES 2014 and give us there reactions.

Below I will try and get everyone's reactions that has been posted on Twitter, Forums and Site Posts. Also Asim from NGB/WENB asked the people of twitter to send him questions and he would answer, I have put together the questions asked to Asim and his answers.


A Wild Podcast Appears (AWPA) Impressions

Asim Tanvir: "Sneaked a quick go at #PES2014 before my 3pm appointment. It's bloody good. New engine definitely noticeable. Looks great and plays well."

Asim Tanvir: "Animations much improved. Difference is night and day when compared to #PES2013. Really nice pace to matches too. Realistic flow. #PES2014"

Asim Tanvir: "Guys, these are just quick impressions. More after 3pm appt. Leave with this too. Ball physics great too. Curled long passes etc."

Asim Tanvir: "Literally been playing #PES2014 since 3pm. Sorry about the Twitter silence. Enjoying it so much."

Asim Tanvir: "It's #PES, but new engine means there is a learning curve present. Not too steep though, especially if you're a hardcore player. #PES2014"

Asim Tanvir: "On a visual level, so much better, even at this early stage. A New animations galore. The more you play, the more you'll notice. #PES2014"

Asim Tanvir: "Staying with visuals, pitch looks infinitely better. Crowds look phenomenal. Lighting, especially at the Allianz, was great. #PES2014"

Asim Tanvir: "On the pitch, first touch and control is very important. You need to use the sprint button sparingly. Overuse will be punished. #PES2014"

Asim Tanvir: "Looking at questions, just going to answer what most people seem to be asking. Camera, wide looks great. Detail remains. #PES2014"

Asim Tanvir: "Custom cam option was in code. Could adjust height, zoom and so on. Great option. Can't wait to see what becomes community fave. #PES2014"

Adam Bhatti: "So far amazing impressions. People can't believe how it moves so differently. New learning curve, new game"

DanSilverMirror: "Just played the new PES (on PS3). Really like what they've done with the feel and physicality. Taken the speed down too. And it looks ace"

Sebas Fernandez: "Total renovation, new game, new animations sientos where none had. The change is great! # PES2014 # PESnosUne"

Lalo Zanoni "I have played pes 2014, very dificult to pass the ball and score goals, this is real football"

Jason Eskyrlax: "I confirm! in this Pes 2014! players will be in the band warming up! Lilac overalls!" (Translation Poor)

Sebas Fernandez: "R3 two player controlling. 1080p confirmed"

Sebas Fernandez: "The archer fakes out when playing. Saves further time and movements in two." (Translation Poor)

Creeloyasisera "The physics of the ball is completely independent, player and ball are close friends but they are not the same"

Jose Aguirre: "Creeloyasisera is telling me that the animations are life like"

Jose Aguirre: ‏"Creeloyasisera tells me the keepers are completely redone. They can fake throws back into play."

Jose Aguirre: "Creeloyasisera tells me you can use dpad to adjust attack and defense levels. Calling defenders in for a short goal kick or sending out"

Jose Aguirre: "Creeloyasisera tells me attacking and defending feels more balanced now. Pace of the game is much slower. More realistic."

Creeloyasiser: "In the demo can tighten without pause and quit game player choose to remove the side or corner kick" Poor translation but we believe he means you can now change the kick / trow in taker on the fly in game with out having to pause and change it.

Robbye Ron: "Impossible to explain, you have to see with your own eyes. It's a NEW GAME! Will leave many with open mouth"

Jose Aguirre: "delboy129 he didn't feel any need to supercancel at any time. Will keep an eye out for this."

Sebas Fernandez: "The fans not only movement. It behaves much more natural and with different behaviors."

Q&A: All these questions were asked to Asim on Twitter. Asim is from WENB and NGB, believe me he knows his games.

Q: Robin: How is Continuous Play?
A: Works really well.

Q: Lee: Did you get much hands on time, and did you get any pens, and if so what were they like? Cheers
A: More freedom with pens. Not restricted like before.

Q: João: Does it move as smoothly/realistically as expected? How does it compare to previous PES and FIFA.
A: I'd say movement is comparable, maybe better, than FIFA. Smooth. Realistic. All thanks to MASS.

Q: Grime_all_day: Hows the shootings like?? Also is the defending same button as last year or more simple?
A: Shooting is great. Defending is the same, but thanks to new engine it's the ball you go after now rather the player.

Q: Rage06: What weather effects were there. Did the pitch effect gameplay? And how did you find individuality
A: Robben and Neymar stood out. Dante too. No different weather option in this code.

Q: Daniel Dawkins: Exciting! Did you like it?
A: Loved it, Dan. Fox Engine has breathed new life into #PES.

Q: Kenny: ‏How are the GK's? Animations and keeping abilities.
A: Much better. In fact, way better! They stand up longer, spreading themselves during one-on-ones. Catch more too.

Q: Adrian: Have Speed Merchants been toned down? How’s the defines overall? Thanks!
A: Yes! Hell yes! This is more down to the new MASS system and ball tech. Holding down sprint constantly won't get you very far. :)

Q: Jose: Keepers were absolutely redone! I'm told they are the best the series has ever seen hands down.
A: This is true.

Q: Christoph: How do crosses "feel" and what about headers. What´s the penalty shooting like? #PES2014
A: Headers are way better. Can actually score them now, lol. Floaty headers gone! Crossing is still the same, but being worked on.

Q: Frank: Does the ball as an independent entity mean it gets away from you easily? Is explosiveness/acceleration easy to achieve?
A: Not if you know how to use it. Needs to be used carefully, with sprint being used sparingly. First touch and control key.

Q: Adrian: Another quick Q if I may, do goalies still stand too close to the near post? Anything to say about GKs despite the early build?
A: Nope. Their positioning is improved. They react to ball really well.

Q: Frank: No probs. p.s did you notice any variety in ball trajectories on shooting and keepers reactions to such shots?
A: Yup, more varied. Curved. Low. Keepers react accordingly.

Thank you Asim for answering PES Fans questions online. We can also expect a full impressions write up from Asim on NGB/WENB by Thursday.
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Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Trailer

Finally we have the much anticipated PES 2014 trailer from E3.

You might be thinking I hope its worth the wait to your self, well if you are then trust me it has been worth every second.

What a great trailer and game we have on our hands guys, go and enjoy.

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11 June 2013

New PES 2014 Screens Release

Konami have released two new screen shots for PES 2014. Both are showing off the new TrueBall feature.

We can expect a lot more news this week with it been E3 and the guys from NGB getting to playtest the game behind closed doors later tonight also they have no embargo so can give us there impressions straight away.

Here are the released screens:
Click images to enlarge.

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7 June 2013

PES 2014 Pre-E3 Show.

Konami held/released there Pre-E3 show last night and showed us some first glimpses of PES 2014.

Producer Kei Masuda talks about some of the new features that were first revealed in the official PES 2014 announcement a few days ago.

Here is the video below and if you don't want to see other Konami games then skip to 5min 30seconds to the start of the PES 2014 presentation.

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4 June 2013

PES 2014 Officially Announced

Konami have today officially announced PES 2014. They have released a press release along with some screen shots which will all be below.

We are due for much more news and a new trailer later this week at the Konami Pre-E3 show and over the course of E3 next week.

Here is the press release.

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has revealed that its forthcoming PES 2014 title will mark a new beginning for the popular series, with an all-new engine allowing for the most comprehensive advance for the PES range since its inception

The PES Productions Team based in Tokyo have been developing a new approach to football for four years and can now confirm their new system uses Kojima Productions renowned Fox Engine at its core. The team have extended and enhanced Fox Engine to match the bespoke and complex demands of a football title.

Based on six founding standards, the new system has allowed every aspect of PES 2014 to be totally reworked, throwing off the shackles of previous limitations and allowing the PES Productions team to produce a game much closer to their vision of recreating the excitement and variety of a top-level match. The central theme of fluidity is based on the constant moving of players and switching positions which characterises the modern approach to football. PES Productions have looked at how matches ebb and flow, with player individuality key to a team’s success, and well-drilled tactics helping underdogs produce giant-killing feats.

Working from the ground up, PES Productions have strived to rework every element of play, creating a fresh and energetic new standard for football titles. In addition to noticeably improved graphics and seamless animation, the thrust of the new system’s power has been used to redefine the way football is played on a home system. Gone are the limitations imposed by dated animation systems and AI elements, and insteadPES 2014 boasts a central core that perfectly mimics the skill and awareness that elevates the world’s greatest players above their peers.

Six central tenets combine to establish PES 2014 as a new benchmark in football simulations, governing everything from the way the player receives and controls the ball, the physicality of play, and the “feel” of match-day: the rush and euphoria or crushing lows that experiencing an important games can bring. As such, the key pillars on which PES 2014 is based are:

TrueBall Tech: For the first time in a football simulation, PES 2014 centres everything on the ball: how it moves, and how players use it. First touch and sublime control are what set certain players apart from others. The ability to not only read a pass, but to be one step ahead and to know what is needed to gain yards on an encroaching defender. TrueBall Tech allows the player to trap or knock on a pass using the analogue stick with detailed barycentric physics determining the weight shift of the player and the height and speed of the pass, as to how the player’s body will automatically shape to receive it.Thus, the player has total control in determining how their body is angled to receive a pass, whereas previous football titles present the user with scant options. Instead, TrueBall Tech means that it can be chested or nodded past an opponent, flicked into space or to a team mate, while closer dribbling control is a much more personal attribute in the new game. The PES series has long since treated the ball as an individual entity, allowing the player huge amounts of freedom to pass into space, run on to a knocked-on counter, or produced short triangular passes to make space. TrueBall Tech adds even more freedom, with the player’s movements worked around those of the ball and, unlike any other football title, as opposed to the other way round. Players will be able to truly control the free-moving ball, use its pace or alter its movement to master close control in PES 2014.

The result is a game that offers full 360-degree, two-footed control within several yards around the player. In addition to steering the ball with subtle movements, there is the ability to shield the ball from opposing players, use deft controls to wrong-foot them, and intuitive methods to master close control.

Motion Animation Stability System (M.A.S.S.): The physical combat between players is a vital part of any match, and the new M.A.S.S. component simulates the bodily contact between multiple players within bespoke animations that segue seamlessly into each other. Rather than a series of preset animations that occur under specific circumstances, M.A.S.S. acts instantly to any situation, with the reaction of a fouled player entirely dependent on the direction and force with which they are tackled. Dependent on factors such as their size and power, players will stumble but instantly recover if clipped, barge others off the ball, and use their stature to block players from possession. Similarly, PES 2014 now has more styles of tackle, as opposed to basic foot in or sliding types.Tackling also becomes more integral to PES 2014′s quest for realism, with clashes of players utilising the TrueBall physics to ensure the ball reacts as it would in a real game. As players fight for a 50-50 ball, their result challenge will see the ball bobbling into space, or emerging at the feet of the triumphant player

The integration of the M.A.S.S. element has also facilitated new advances in one-on-one situations. The individual battles between key players can determine the outcome of a match, so particular emphasis has been made on such battles in PES 2014. Defenders will put greater pressure on the attacking player, by tussling for possession, standing back to restrict passing opportunities, or making the tackle. Likewise, attackers are faced with ether trying to outpace the defender while retaining possession, feinting to gain advantage, or passing, dribbling or shooting when space allows. The result allows for incredibly open games, where the attributes and skills of the players come to the fore in personal feuds all over the pitch

Heart: Defining what makes football so engrossing is difficult. It isn’t a technical thing, but more an emotional hook. Matches can be imposing for visiting teams, as home support barracks the opposition, and acts as the infamous “twelfth man” by cheering their side on. PES 2014′s ”Heart” aims to recreate the effects of team support, both on an individual player basis and across the entire team.Each player in the game now employs mental attributes in addition to playing styles and skills, and can be adversely affected when having a poor game. However, if an individual is not playing well, his team mates can rally round and will work to support him. Similarly, one moment of individual brilliance can produce a galvanising effect on team mates. The cauldron effect of a vibrant stadium will showcase the mood of the fans, with all-new sound effects combining with stunning AI systems to create a palpable match day atmosphere.

PES ID: PES 2013 set a new bar for realism, with its inclusion of the Player ID system. For the first time, players could instantly recognise a player by their faithfully recreated running and play styles. The way a player ran, moved and spread the ball about would be identical to that of their real-life counterpart, and PES 2013 featured 50 players that utilised the system.For PES 2014, that number will be greatly expanded, with twice as many stars featuring bespoke animations and AI.

Team Play: Via the new game’s innovative Combination Play users can set up a variety of different tactics in key areas of the pitch using three or more players. These players will make very different off-the-ball runs to exploit holes in the defence or midfield, using the flanks, curved runs, or overlapping play to make themselves available. These moves can be preset to key areas of the field, allowing users to exploit defensive weaknesses beforehand.

The Core: PES Productions have undertaken several years of consultation with PES and football fans to reproduce key elements of the series and implement a wide range of additional improvements.Visually, the game will benefit from an incredible level of acuity, from the weave of the kits, through to facial movement, and a new animation process that offers slick segues from one move to the next, with no pauses or restrictions on control. Stadia will be faithful to real-life, with the entrances to the pitches recreated, crowds that move during the course of the game The new system also allows for a new light-mapping effect, adding a natural look to the proceedings. The flow of a match has also been improved, with tactical decisions made on the fly, and the removal of cut scenes after specific events.

Free kicks and penalties have also been radically changed. Control over free kicks has been expanded with decoy runs added and short passes now unrestricted. To counter, players can now move the position of their keeper for the kick, while the wall will react to the kick instinctively to block or deflect the ball.

Penalties now use a target guide that is changed according to the kicker’s ability and where they intend to place the ball. The goal keeper can now opt to move ahead of the kick, sensing when the penalty taker is not particularly strong.

PES 2014 will also mark the first appearance of the recently-signed Asia Champions League, adding a wealth of officially licensed clubs to the competition; and the new game will also exclusively retain its use of the UEFA Champions League club competition, with other tournaments expected to be announced shortly.

Further details of PES 2014′s content – including all-new online elements – will follow, but the new game represents a quantum leap from what football fans have been used to.

“Thinking outside the box on an annual series such as PES is not easy,” explained Creative Producer Kei Masuda, “but the Fox Engine has allowed us to develop such a level of freedom that we are constantly realising ways of making PES 2014 a true representation of football. From the moment football fans pick up the controller and experiment with the close control, player movement and get to know how teams work and move, we are confident that they will see a game no longer limited by technology, but capable of growing with them and constantly surprising with the breath-taking quality they have to come to expect from the real thing.”

“All the materials we’re releasing are taken from current platforms and fully in-game, which is at about 70% completion. We want fans to get a true feeling of the actual product they’ll be playing on the console most own this year, not some marketing dream. Our new engine and systems are dedicated to the current generation of platforms, which will continue to be dominant in the market, but are fully scalable for future versions.”

PES 2014 will be released in 2013 on PlayStation®3, Xbox 360®, Windows PC and PSP®(PlayStation®Portable). ”

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PES 2014 Site Goes Live + More Details TODAY!

Yesterday Konami launched a new official website for PES 2014. You can find it using the following link: www.pes.konami.com .

Also as you can see from the picture at the top of this post Jon Murphy has announced that today we are due to get more details about the upcoming PES 2014.

So sit tight and as soon as the details are released you will find them on PESKings.

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