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14 June 2013

PES 2014: All The News,Videos,Screens and Impressions.

What a week for PES 2014 it has been we have had screenshots, videos, impressions from websites, impressions from guys on twitter and other news filtering through from the Konami booth at E3.

Finding and keeping up with all this can be quite difficult so I have searched around and got as much as possible for you all in this one post so you don't miss a thing. Saves you some time right?

I will post all the news, screens, videos and impresses starting from the teaser trailer we got first. If I have missed anything then let me know in the comments below and I will add it in.


Teaser Trailer.

Konami Pre-E3 Show

Official Announcement/E3 Trailer.

Gameplay from Sony Latin America Conference.

Gameplay and interview from Gamespot Live E3 Stream.

Shaky Cam footage live from the Konami booth at E3.

News / Press Releases:

Official PES 2014 Site Launch

Official Announcement with press release.

League Mode will return in PES 2014.

New commentators and licences for Latin America 

Customisable in game cam is back.

Argentine and Chile leagues confirmed by Brazilian Konami Director, Anibal Vera

Website Hands-On / Impressions



IGN Spain



Twitter Impresses

1. These are just a few tweets direct from Jose Aguirre for more and to see the many questions he has answered follow him on twitter @8bitJose

"I'm blown away by this game. First impression was, what is this??? The moment it moves. It feels like a new game. A game that moves well

A game that looks right. But most importantly feels new! And even more importantly it feels like the next step for PES!

A giant leap in the right direction. A football simulation! Hardcore football sim that is #PES at heart!

The learning curve in this game is hardcore! We will have to take a more real life mind set into the game to make sense of things.

Shooting feels amazing! More free. Difficult to score. Really have to think about how and where to aim your shot. Rewarding!

But! We played 5 games or so and score like 3 goals only. And 2 were PK lol! One was a foul the other wasn't. But ref are decent.

Nothing outrageous with the refs. Was one of my worries but now isn't.

build is very early! And it felt vastly improved in every aspect of the game! So to know this will be improved up on is amazing!

Penalty kicks are something like ISS64. You can bring up a target area of where the shot will go. Felt better than before #pes2014 felt.

Free kicks are different too! More intuitive. I liked it!

Guys animation are amazing! FIFA looks like a videogame with great animations. PES looks closer to real life!

Remember the days when you played #PES and saw awesome little touches or animations? Well they're back! In abundance!"

2. Next we have a few tweets from Gari Clark make sure to follow Gari as he is a awesome writer for NGB and a great guy. @GariClark

"So....PES 2014. It feels so different but in a good way. So many possibilities with how the game plays now and in the way that everything flows and moves freely and easily. Very pleased with what I've played so far."

3. Next we have Editor-in-Chief at NGB again a great guy and a must to follow. @AsimTanvir

"Sneaked a quick go at #PES2014 before my 3pm appointment. It's bloody good. New engine definitely noticeable. Looks great and plays

Animations much improved. Difference is night and day when compared to #PES2013. Really nice pace to matches too. Realistic flow.

Guys, these are just quick impressions. More after 3pm appt. Leave with this too. Ball physics great too. Curled long passes etc.

Literally been playing #PES2014 since 3pm. Sorry about the Twitter silence. Enjoying it so much.

It's #PES, but new engine means there is a learning curve present. Not too steep though, especially if you're a hardcore player.

On a visual level, so much better, even at this early stage. A New animations galore. The more you play, the more you'll notice.

Staying with visuals, pitch looks infinitely better. Crowds look phenomenal. Lighting, especially at the Allianz, was great.

On the pitch, first touch and control is very important. You need to use the sprint button sparingly. Overuse will be punished."

4. Up next we have Nestor Villanueva who was also at E3 and had a lot to say about PES 2014. Make sure you follow Nestor to see all his tweets and answers to the many questions he received. @SuperNestor8

" Just played #PES2014, it's a complete sim.

Keepers animations are a step up than pervious #PES. Played a few games and didn't notice them being off, they positioned well.

At first glance it doesn't look like PES, it looks like another football title. The game is vastly different.

When you start moving and passing the animations shine. First touch, passing, body movement look life like.

I was very impressed by the slide tackles. Finally it works!!!

The refs were fine they need a touch up but nothing major

The headers felt great and the animations looked awesome because you see the defender and attacker fight for it.

FIFA animations skate around and #PES2014 feels more planted, more closer to real life.

For switching players at throw-ins you now press L1 and the right stick to select the players


Make sure to click on the images to enlarge. Some images are not available in a higher resolution yet but when and if they do become available I will replace the current lower ones.

PES 2014 / Fox Engine Ball




Team Play

The Core

True Ball


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