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12 June 2013

PES 2014: E3 Reaction

There are some guys lucky enough to be out in LA this week for E3 2013. Luckily for us though they are able to go on the E3 show floor and play some PES 2014 and give us there reactions.

Below I will try and get everyone's reactions that has been posted on Twitter, Forums and Site Posts. Also Asim from NGB/WENB asked the people of twitter to send him questions and he would answer, I have put together the questions asked to Asim and his answers.


A Wild Podcast Appears (AWPA) Impressions

Asim Tanvir: "Sneaked a quick go at #PES2014 before my 3pm appointment. It's bloody good. New engine definitely noticeable. Looks great and plays well."

Asim Tanvir: "Animations much improved. Difference is night and day when compared to #PES2013. Really nice pace to matches too. Realistic flow. #PES2014"

Asim Tanvir: "Guys, these are just quick impressions. More after 3pm appt. Leave with this too. Ball physics great too. Curled long passes etc."

Asim Tanvir: "Literally been playing #PES2014 since 3pm. Sorry about the Twitter silence. Enjoying it so much."

Asim Tanvir: "It's #PES, but new engine means there is a learning curve present. Not too steep though, especially if you're a hardcore player. #PES2014"

Asim Tanvir: "On a visual level, so much better, even at this early stage. A New animations galore. The more you play, the more you'll notice. #PES2014"

Asim Tanvir: "Staying with visuals, pitch looks infinitely better. Crowds look phenomenal. Lighting, especially at the Allianz, was great. #PES2014"

Asim Tanvir: "On the pitch, first touch and control is very important. You need to use the sprint button sparingly. Overuse will be punished. #PES2014"

Asim Tanvir: "Looking at questions, just going to answer what most people seem to be asking. Camera, wide looks great. Detail remains. #PES2014"

Asim Tanvir: "Custom cam option was in code. Could adjust height, zoom and so on. Great option. Can't wait to see what becomes community fave. #PES2014"

Adam Bhatti: "So far amazing impressions. People can't believe how it moves so differently. New learning curve, new game"

DanSilverMirror: "Just played the new PES (on PS3). Really like what they've done with the feel and physicality. Taken the speed down too. And it looks ace"

Sebas Fernandez: "Total renovation, new game, new animations sientos where none had. The change is great! # PES2014 # PESnosUne"

Lalo Zanoni "I have played pes 2014, very dificult to pass the ball and score goals, this is real football"

Jason Eskyrlax: "I confirm! in this Pes 2014! players will be in the band warming up! Lilac overalls!" (Translation Poor)

Sebas Fernandez: "R3 two player controlling. 1080p confirmed"

Sebas Fernandez: "The archer fakes out when playing. Saves further time and movements in two." (Translation Poor)

Creeloyasisera "The physics of the ball is completely independent, player and ball are close friends but they are not the same"

Jose Aguirre: "Creeloyasisera is telling me that the animations are life like"

Jose Aguirre: ‏"Creeloyasisera tells me the keepers are completely redone. They can fake throws back into play."

Jose Aguirre: "Creeloyasisera tells me you can use dpad to adjust attack and defense levels. Calling defenders in for a short goal kick or sending out"

Jose Aguirre: "Creeloyasisera tells me attacking and defending feels more balanced now. Pace of the game is much slower. More realistic."

Creeloyasiser: "In the demo can tighten without pause and quit game player choose to remove the side or corner kick" Poor translation but we believe he means you can now change the kick / trow in taker on the fly in game with out having to pause and change it.

Robbye Ron: "Impossible to explain, you have to see with your own eyes. It's a NEW GAME! Will leave many with open mouth"

Jose Aguirre: "delboy129 he didn't feel any need to supercancel at any time. Will keep an eye out for this."

Sebas Fernandez: "The fans not only movement. It behaves much more natural and with different behaviors."

Q&A: All these questions were asked to Asim on Twitter. Asim is from WENB and NGB, believe me he knows his games.

Q: Robin: How is Continuous Play?
A: Works really well.

Q: Lee: Did you get much hands on time, and did you get any pens, and if so what were they like? Cheers
A: More freedom with pens. Not restricted like before.

Q: João: Does it move as smoothly/realistically as expected? How does it compare to previous PES and FIFA.
A: I'd say movement is comparable, maybe better, than FIFA. Smooth. Realistic. All thanks to MASS.

Q: Grime_all_day: Hows the shootings like?? Also is the defending same button as last year or more simple?
A: Shooting is great. Defending is the same, but thanks to new engine it's the ball you go after now rather the player.

Q: Rage06: What weather effects were there. Did the pitch effect gameplay? And how did you find individuality
A: Robben and Neymar stood out. Dante too. No different weather option in this code.

Q: Daniel Dawkins: Exciting! Did you like it?
A: Loved it, Dan. Fox Engine has breathed new life into #PES.

Q: Kenny: ‏How are the GK's? Animations and keeping abilities.
A: Much better. In fact, way better! They stand up longer, spreading themselves during one-on-ones. Catch more too.

Q: Adrian: Have Speed Merchants been toned down? How’s the defines overall? Thanks!
A: Yes! Hell yes! This is more down to the new MASS system and ball tech. Holding down sprint constantly won't get you very far. :)

Q: Jose: Keepers were absolutely redone! I'm told they are the best the series has ever seen hands down.
A: This is true.

Q: Christoph: How do crosses "feel" and what about headers. What´s the penalty shooting like? #PES2014
A: Headers are way better. Can actually score them now, lol. Floaty headers gone! Crossing is still the same, but being worked on.

Q: Frank: Does the ball as an independent entity mean it gets away from you easily? Is explosiveness/acceleration easy to achieve?
A: Not if you know how to use it. Needs to be used carefully, with sprint being used sparingly. First touch and control key.

Q: Adrian: Another quick Q if I may, do goalies still stand too close to the near post? Anything to say about GKs despite the early build?
A: Nope. Their positioning is improved. They react to ball really well.

Q: Frank: No probs. p.s did you notice any variety in ball trajectories on shooting and keepers reactions to such shots?
A: Yup, more varied. Curved. Low. Keepers react accordingly.

Thank you Asim for answering PES Fans questions online. We can also expect a full impressions write up from Asim on NGB/WENB by Thursday.
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