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26 July 2013

World Finals 2013 Details

Konami have confirmed the first details for the PES World Finals 2013.

This year the World Finals will take place over 3 days (September 26-28) and will be held in Dubai in the UAE and will coincide with GAMES13 expo which is the largest games expo in region.

The event will gather 38 of the best PES players from countries all around the world. The players will battle it out through 10 minute group matches and the winners will proceed to the knockout rounds.

There will be a lot on offer in the finals with not only having the opportunity to become PES World Champion 2013 the winner will get them self a very impressive 10,000 Euros with the runner up grabbing a still very impressive 5,000 Euros.

More information about the finals can be found on PESFan.com

You can also find out more information regarding the GAME13 expo taking place at the same time here
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North & South America Release Date Confirmed.

Konami have revealed that PES 2014 will be released on Tuesday 24th September in  North and South America.

The release date for European countries will be revealed at a later date. Later date been we believe at or around Gamescom in mid August.
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16 July 2013

PES 2014: Impressions Round Up.

The PES Community and others from the gaming community had the chance to go to the new PES HQ in Windsor London the end of last week to play PES 2014. Many sites have put up there impressions from there visit for us all to read and get jealous over.

Here are the UK impressions:

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7 July 2013

PES 2014 Community Day Round Up.

On Thursday and Friday this week Konami held a Community day in there new UK offices in Windsor.

New PES European Community Manager, Adam Bhatti held a Q&A session with Manorito Hosoda from the PES Team below are some new details we learned from the Q&A session:

Demo date for PES2014 will be announced end of the month.

Online has been improved. Watch the Kei Masuda video later today for more information. More prevention in place to stop cheaters.

PES2014 will be on steam. Oh snap!

Oh yes! In Master League you can change club and coach the national team.

PES2014 cover star will be announced soon.

PES2014 Edit mode stuff: Low socks, tight shirts, more emblem slots.

Huge news for Editors, not great but best you know now: PREQUEL DATA WILL NOT WORK ON PES2014 DUE TO NEW ENGINE.

PES2014 licenses will be announced by Gamescom. We have some surprises.

PES2014 is 720p due to keeping resolution as high as possible.

PES2014 has a new stat system, using a combined stat page to equate values. Goalkeepers also have own specific stats.

PES2014 weather will affect the game, also dirty kits. More news on weather later.

PES2014 will have 3rd kits: either in the game or through DLC. Numbers will vary just depending on time left.

PES2014 online, news on US server / European server playing each other etc to be confirmed.

Through out next week there will be many impressions posted from the guys that attended the community event, I will keep you updated on when those are up and give links to have a read.
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5 July 2013

New PES 2014 Screens Released

Konami have released new screenshots featuring some national players from Italia and a ball as a reminder of Konami's newly achieved license of AFC Champions League.

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4 July 2013

PES 2014 Kei Masuda Interview Part 4

Konami released there fourth part of the interview with Kei Masuda, this time he talks about Online Play and changes coming to Master League Online, Master League (Offline) and Become A Legend. Kei Masuda also revels that there will be a new online mode called 11 Vs 11. This will mean that there will be a option to play as a goalkeeper. 

It's still unknown whether you have the option to play as a goalkeeper in Become A Legend. 

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