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26 July 2013

World Finals 2013 Details

Konami have confirmed the first details for the PES World Finals 2013.

This year the World Finals will take place over 3 days (September 26-28) and will be held in Dubai in the UAE and will coincide with GAMES13 expo which is the largest games expo in region.

The event will gather 38 of the best PES players from countries all around the world. The players will battle it out through 10 minute group matches and the winners will proceed to the knockout rounds.

There will be a lot on offer in the finals with not only having the opportunity to become PES World Champion 2013 the winner will get them self a very impressive 10,000 Euros with the runner up grabbing a still very impressive 5,000 Euros.

More information about the finals can be found on PESFan.com

You can also find out more information regarding the GAME13 expo taking place at the same time here
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