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29 August 2013

PES 2014: What Not To Expect!

The release of PES 2014 is getting ever closer and with the new engine and the positive impressions from media and attendees of Gamescom, Adam Bhatti (PES European Community Leader) wants to get any negative news that could surprise fans once the game is released or when reviews start coming thought out of the way now.

Adam when on to the WENB forums and made a post on there to let PES Fans know what will be missing from PES 2014 and the reasons that they will not feature.

PES 2014 will not feature rain weather effects and will also not feature any Spanish Stadiums this year which is a loss as last year PES 2013 had every La Liga stadium.

The option in edit mode to create your own stadium has also been removed this year.

Adam goes into detail explaining that EA have been "extremely aggressive" with there capturing of licenses with clubs and leagues this year. This is the reason they are not allowed to include Spanish stadiums or a stadium editor and it is not due to any technical issue.

Not having rain included is due to a technical issues and time restrictions with the release getting very close. It was always in there plans to feature Rain as a weather effect and also have it effect the game play on the pitch as rain would in real life.

I would highly recommend reading Adams full post on there matters to fully understand y they will not feature in PES 2014.

Hopefully that is all the bad news out of the way and we can look forward to a great and exciting new game which PES 2014 promises to deliver on the pitch.

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26 August 2013

PES 2014: AFC Trailer + Screens

Konami have released a new trailer for PES 2014 to promote there latest licence the AFC Champions League.

Konami have also secured 2 Saudi Arabian stadiums for PES 2014. The Prince Abdullah al-Faisal Stadium which is the home ground of Al-Ahli SC and Al-Ittihad FC. The second stadium is The King Fahd International Stadium which is the home ground of Al-Hilal, Al Nassr, Al Shabab and the Saudi Arabian national team. Pictures of both below the trailer.

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21 August 2013

Gamescom 2013 Full Coverage!

All the latest PES 2014 info from Gamescom is here.

PES 2014: Demo & Retail Release Dates
PES 2014: New Trailerm + Screens + DLC Bonus

Release Date - EU 19th September - UK 20th September
Demo Date - PS3 & Xbox 360 11th September
PC Demo coming after launch due to hacking of PES 2013 demo.
Pre-Order DLC available - Classic Kits for a selection of teams.
3 German Bundesliga teams licensed - Bayern Munich - Bayer Leverkusen - FC Schalke 04
Gamescom code is around 80% complete

Official Trailer:
Official PES 2014 Gamescom Trailer

Official Screens:
PES 2014: New Trailerm + Screens + DLC Bonus
Official Cover Art Released Below:

Show Floor Gameplay Videos:
Gameplay 1
Gameplay 2
Gameplay 3
Gameplay 4
Gameplay 5
Gameplay 6
Gameplay 7
Gameplay 8
Manchester United / Bayern Munich Players
Manchester United Player Stats Pt1
Manchester United Player Stats Pt2
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PES 2014: New Trailer + Screens + DLC Bonus

Gamecom coverage for PES 2014 has kicked off this morning with information on the release date and the demo.

Now we have even more PES 2014 awesomeness for you to check out. Below we have the official Gamecom trailer along with some new screen shots.

That's not all, with the screen shots below you will see that two of the screens will show us the DLC bonus you can receive when you pre-order PES 2014.

More from Gamescom through out today and the next few days. Don't forget to pre order PES 2014 now.

Official Gamescom Trailer:


 Pre-Order DLC Bonus:

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PES 2014: Demo & Retail Release Dates

Konami have today released information on then we will first be able to get our hands on PES 2014 via the demo and when we will also be able to play the full game.

The demo is set to be released on the 11th September (PS3 / Xbox 360). Although this is later than expected the demo will be based on the final version of the game and we will not see big changes from the demo to the final retail version as we have seen a few times with previews titles.

Just 1 week after the demo we will see the official release of PES 2014 in stores. PES 2014 is set to be released in the UK on the 20th September and on the 19th in the rest of Europe.
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PES 2014: Second IGN Gameplay Video / Interview

IGN have released there second gameplay video which features PES European Community Leader Adam Bhatti playing PES 2014 against the IGN interview host Daniel Krupa.

In this video they chose to play as International teams selecting Italy V Germany.


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17 August 2013

PES 2014: IGN Video Interview (Gameplay Video)

The guys over at IGN got to sit down with PES European Community Manager, Adam Bhatti earlier this week to play PES 2014 and ask him some questions.

Adam was talking about some of the new features in PES 2014 and what there main aims were with the upcoming PES title.

While Adam was answering questions he was also playing PES 2014 which they recorded and is shown in the video below.

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PES 2014: Tutorial 4 & 5

Konami released there final two video tutorials for PES 2014 this time showing of the new manual goal keeper controls and defensive play.

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15 August 2013

PES 2014: Tutorial 3 - Heart Feature

Konami today released there latest PES 2014 Tutorial Video this time showing the new heart feature and how it works in the game.

Let us know what you think of the new feature set to make its debut in PES 2014 in the comments below.

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14 August 2013

PES 2014: Tutorial 2 - Team Attacking Controls

The second video released by Konami this week looks at Team Attacking Controls.

More soon.

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13 August 2013

PES 2014: Tutorial 1 - Ball Control

Konami have today released the first video tutorial for PES 2014.

This first tutorial looks at Ball Control and how you use the left and right analogue sticks together to control the ball and also beat a player.

There should be more videos due out this week so stay tuned and we will keep you updated.

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10 August 2013

PES Main Event 2013

There is just 1 week to go until PES Main Event 2013, which will be held on Saturday 17th August.

PES Main Even is set to take place at the National Football Museum in Manchester and will see 32 of the best PES 2013 players battle it out to be crowned the best in the UK. The 32 top players are determined by the Official Pro Evolution Soccer League from PES Rankings.

There is £3000 worth of prizes to be won at the event on Saturday but not only that the winner will also get the chance to represent the UK at this years PES World Finals in Dubai next month. More details on the World Finals can be found here

If you fancy attending the event and watching all the action taking place live, entry to the event will be free. Other attractions will also be available to keep you busy aside from the action taking place on the PES 2013 pitch.

Further details can be found on PES Rankings - Main Event 2013
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Fancy Hosting Your Own PES Party?

Do you fancy hosting your own PES 2014 party, getting your hands on the game before release and also getting a PES 2014 goody bag? Well Come Round could be just the thing for you.

Come Round are giving people from the UK a chance to host there own party and get all the goodies listed above. Who could say no to that?

You will be required to host a party with 9 guests or more plus yourself, hold the party on a particular weekend set by Come Round and also you will have to take photos and video footage from the event.

For full details and how to apply visit Come Round (Link)
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7 August 2013

PES 2014 Demo Confirmed For August!

With the delay of announcement regarding the PES 2014 demo release date Konami are keeping us up to date as best they can.

The Official PES Twitter page has confirmed that the PES 2014 demo will be released this month (August).
When they have a confirmed date from both Sony and Microsoft we can expect another announcement with full details.
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1 August 2013

PES 2014: Preview Code Round Up

The embargo for PES 2014 Preview code was yesterday lifted meaning that lucky community sites and press can release there latest impressions of PES 2014.

Konami confirmed that preview code is 75% complete which is the same percentage as the playtest in Windsor a few weeks ago. There are two extra teams present in the preview code which are Italy and Germany.

Preview Code Impressions:

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PES 2014: Demo Update

The demo which the release date was originally set to be announced at the end of July, has had a small delay.

Konami want to release a demo that is up to date, new and as close to final product as possible and due to this the submission of the demo to Microsoft and Sony was delayed which has also delayed the announcement of the date in which we will get our hands on the game (demo).

It is a smart move by Konami so that we will see the game as close to release state as possible and not be faced with big changes by the time the game is released at retail.

Stayed tuned for more updates.

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PES 2014: Argentinian League Confirmed

Konami have confirmed that they have come to a agreement to have the Argentinian League feature in upcoming PES titles including PES 2014.

The license will bring 20 of the top teams from the Argentinian league (listed below), and the agreement also includes some of the teams stadiums.

Here are the teams set to feature in PES 2014:

All Boys 
Argentinos Juniors 
Atlético de Rafaela 
Boca Juniors 
Gimnasia y Esgrima 
Godoy Cruz 
Newell’s Old Boys 
River Plate 
Rosario Central 
San Lorenzo 
Vélez Sarsfield
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