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20 September 2013

PES 2014: 1.01 Patch Released!

Today marks the release of PES 2014 and to go with it is the first patch to improve on some of the issues fans had in the demo. Shooting has been improved along with the overall responsiveness.

They have also added a few new balls and 3rd kits to enjoy.
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PES 2014: MyPES, Training & Online Trailers

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PES 2014: Edit Mode Trailer

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PES 2014 Master League Trailer

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11 September 2013

PES 2014: Demo Out Now!

Both the PlayStation 3 (PSN) and Xbox 360 (Xbox Live Gold) demos of PES 2014 are now available to download in the UK, Europe and US.

When you download the team here is what you will find:

Clubs: Bayern Munich, Santos FC, Manchester United, Colo-Colo, Boca Juniors.

International: England, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal.

Difficulty Settings: Beginner, Amateur, Regular (default), Professional, Top Player, Superstar.

The game time is set to 5 minute matches and can not be changed.

Go and enjoy because we have a special game on our hands this year.
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6 September 2013

PES 2014: Mode News.

Adam Bhatti released some new information regarding Master League and Become a Legend on Twitter last night. Here is what he had to say:

Master League:

"I was playing ML today, and after my first season left my beloved Milan for Corinthians. Oh Pato, how I have missed thee #PES2014"

"Not been called up for a National job yet. Maybe a good season in Brazil will get me an offer. Came 2nd in Serie A behind...Juve :( #PES2014"

"The good thing about job offers in #PES2014 is that you get a huge list of choices depending on your success, across all leagues in the game"

"We do have new moments in the game when you win/lose leagues, and a brilliant CL presentation. Not that I saw, knocked out QF :( #PES2014"

"Transfer system built from PES 2013. Deeper % parameter of likely to join, with new club ranking having an impact"

"No usual 2% stuff or 100%. Using the full scale. Plus club ranking counts, and how successful you are" Referring to the transfer system

"No, boot boosting and purchasing items to boost performance taken out. Simulation."

Become A Legend:

"Have to say, BAL is tough. Make sure you pick your clubs wisely. Move too soon, and you won't get game time. Bide your time padawon #PES2014"

More mode news should be coming very soon with videos to show of whats new in full, we will keep you updated when this arrives.

The official Koanmi site for Winning Eleven 2014 has released a few screenshots for Master League, Become a Legend and Master League Online, they are shown below!

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4 September 2013

PES 2014: Edit Mode Additions

PES European Community Manager - Adam Bhatti has announced on his twitter account that PES 2014 will not only feature 3rd kits for unlicensed teams but also 4th kits will be present and editable.

Here is what Adam had to say:

"Boom! Huge massive congrats to the PES Productions team. Last min surprise in edit mode is go! So proud of them, hard work until the end!"

"The cool new addition? Well, not only can you now add 3rd kits to unlicensed teams...you can add 4th kits too!!!! :O"

"Really happy, as 3rd kits were only for licensed teams, as mentioned earlier in the year. But to add 3rd kits, then go further is awesome!"
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