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20 April 2014

Keisuke Honda Becomes KONAMI Soccer Game Ambassador

The 27-years old attacking midfielder Keisuke Honda from A.C. Milan is going to represent all of Konami's soccer games as a official Konami soccer game ambassador. This has been confirmed by Konami. According to Konami the ambassadors role implies a range of initiatives, such as providing special messages for fans, and giving hints and tips to use in-game. Honda will also appear in television commercials for the "World Soccer Collection" smartphone game series. 

Honda went to A.C. Milan from CSKA Moskva in the winter transfer back in January. His is one of the biggest star players for the Japanese national team. His huge popularity both nationally and internationally is definitely going to help Konami gaining more fans to its football series.

Keisuke Honda comment after the appointment:

"Let's all get together and have a blast with the great strategic fun of KONAMI's soccer games. 
You can bet I'll be playing to win."

We will follow him closely.

Source: Konami
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