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13 August 2014

PES 2015: Release Date + Demo Date

Konami have today confirmed the release date for PES 2015 which will be November 13th 2014, now this date is much later than what we are use to with the PES series, but it was said earlier this year that Konami will not be making the same mistake of releasing a unfinished game(Like PES 2014). Been a November release this gives them the time they feel is needed to put the game in the position they feel is best.

On to the demo date now and well the wait for the demo is significantly less, you can expect to be playing the PES 2015 demo on September 17th 2014.

That leaves a lot of time between the demo and full release, this could be key to making improvements from feedback given.

Stay tuned for loads more news.  
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