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31 May 2016

RUMOUR: Arsenal Licensed in PES 2017

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The image above is currently doing the rounds on social media and is said to have been taken at the PES 2017 play test that took place in Milan over the weekend and as you can see it shows Arsenal as been licensed.

This has not yet to be confirmed by Konami but at the moment there is a strong believe that this is in fact real and Arsenal are set to return in PES 2017.

What does this mean for ManUtd? Well we had 2 licensed Premier League teams quite a few years back so hopefully it is a return to that rather than just a change or staying with one.

Once we have confirmation we shall let you know, more news / impressions are expected around Thursday as that is when the community get there hands on the game and there is no embargo set so they are free to give there impressions.
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28 May 2016

PES 2017: Announced.

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Konami have officially announced PES 2017 and some of the key game play changes we will be seeing this year.

The PES team have also gone with the tag line "Control Reality".

Before we get to the press release, Adam Bhatti (PES Global Product & Brand Manager) announced on Twitter that refs have been "completely reworked". This news wasn't included in the press release but worthy of note as there has been a lot of feedback regarding refs from PES 2016 and this is a area that needed some work.

More news will be coming soon regarding big changes to game modes but for the moment Konami are telling us all about key game play improvements.

Lets get to the press release:

Real Touch: See how different players control the ball in unique and different ways based on where and how you control them, dictating the flow of the game based on how they react to the unpredictable movement of the ball.

Precise Pass: Combining Real Touch and real ball physics, passing is an art form in PES 2017. Many factors determine the speed and accuracy of the ball. The pass that is made on the best situation and timing will generate a perfect trajectory, creating a great satisfaction when a killer pass is made.

Goal Keeping: Keepers see a great jump in quality through added motions and animations, creating the most agile keepers in PES history. Attacking moments will be more dramatic than ever, bringing the best feeling of achievement when that goal is scored.

Advanced Instructions: Strategies that are quite individually defined such as Tiki-taka and Tight Marking which is strongly based on team ideology can be set in Advanced Instructions, which adds a huge variety in how you plan to win.

Total Team Control: Users can instantly change the attacking and defending mentality of the team, which can be tweaked and carefully controlled with simple controls, being able to immediately react to the unpredictability of the sport.

Corner Kick Strategies: Control the defensive strategies on a set piece, such as marking zonal or Man to Man. Offensive options also included such as specific player movement.

Adaptive AI: For the first time in a football game, the AI will learn how you play! Player and team behaviour has always been a staple of the PES series, and for PES 2017 Adaptive AI will change sports games forever.

Authentic Visuals: For PES 2017 the visuals have seen a major upgrade, offering Authentic Visuals thanks to the further incorporation of Fox Engine. Nothing has been left untouched, from player models, lighting, crowds, pitch and stadiums totally revamped. Never has a game looked so real.

Natural Player Movement: Hundreds of new animations have been added to bring the players and goalkeepers to life – but it doesn't stop there. New features such as Real Touch and Precise Pass see huge benefit, giving a vast array of movements when trapping and passing the ball.
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