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31 May 2016

RUMOUR: Arsenal Licensed in PES 2017

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The image above is currently doing the rounds on social media and is said to have been taken at the PES 2017 play test that took place in Milan over the weekend and as you can see it shows Arsenal as been licensed.

This has not yet to be confirmed by Konami but at the moment there is a strong believe that this is in fact real and Arsenal are set to return in PES 2017.

What does this mean for ManUtd? Well we had 2 licensed Premier League teams quite a few years back so hopefully it is a return to that rather than just a change or staying with one.

Once we have confirmation we shall let you know, more news / impressions are expected around Thursday as that is when the community get there hands on the game and there is no embargo set so they are free to give there impressions.
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