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5 August 2016

PES 2017: #PESDay2

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Over the past few weeks the PES community from all over the world have had the opportunity to get hands on with PES 2017 and now they are allowed to show us some of there recorded gameplay and give us there impressions.

- Videos:

PESWorld: YouTube Channel

TheMidniteKid: YouTube Channel

PESEP: YouTube Channel

Bardinski: YouTube Channel

NGB: YouTube Channel

PlayStation Access: YouTube Channel

Eurogamer: YouTube Video

GamesRadar: YouTube Video

- Write Up Impressions:

GodIsAGeek: PES 2017 Could be the greatest football game ever.

PESWorld (Lee Fulcher)Tactical Gameplay Is Finally Here

PESWorld (Swoosh1968): PES-2017 Impressions

Videogamer: The greatest football game of all time

TrustedReviews: PES 2017 Review

GameReactor: Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Camp Nou Impressions

GameSpot: PES 2017 Strengthens its core and prepares to steal FIFA's crown

Eurogamer: New licences and a new feistiness see PES take the fight to FIFA
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