22 April 2014

Bhatti: "UCL, ACL and Libertadores exclusive for a number of years"

Adam Bhatti, who is the PES European Community Manager, has confirmed through twitter that the UEFA Champions League, Copa Libertadores and Asian Champions League will continue to be exclusive for a number of years for the Pro Evolution Soccer series.

Europa League is properly a part of the exclusive license too but it is still not confirmed yet. Konami managed to secure a four -year deal on November 9, 2008 for the UEFA Champions League tournament. The tournament got its debut on PES 2009 as a separate mode. The year after it also became a part of the Master League. Since the deal ended with PES 2012, Konami has managed to extend the deal by a year every year since the four-year deal ended. Since then Copa Libertadores license got secured too and this year Asian Champions League got its debut.

Whether Adam Bhatti's confirmation of a number of years exclusivity could mean a new long term deal is unknown. The exclusivity is crucial if Konami wants to compete with EA sports FIFA which is clearly ahead when it comes to licenses such as Bundesliga and Primer League which isn't licensed in PES. The big club tournaments would definitely become a huge advantage for Konami.

Stay tuned for more news on PESKings.

Source: Adam Bhatti twitter

20 April 2014

Keisuke Honda Becomes KONAMI Soccer Game Ambassador

The 27-years old attacking midfielder Keisuke Honda from A.C. Milan is going to represent all of Konami's soccer games as a official Konami soccer game ambassador. This has been confirmed by Konami. According to Konami the ambassadors role implies a range of initiatives, such as providing special messages for fans, and giving hints and tips to use in-game. Honda will also appear in television commercials for the "World Soccer Collection" smartphone game series. 

Honda went to A.C. Milan from CSKA Moskva in the winter transfer back in January. His is one of the biggest star players for the Japanese national team. His huge popularity both nationally and internationally is definitely going to help Konami gaining more fans to its football series.

Keisuke Honda comment after the appointment:

"Let's all get together and have a blast with the great strategic fun of KONAMI's soccer games. 
You can bet I'll be playing to win."

We will follow him closely.

Source: Konami

18 April 2014

PES 2014: Patch 1.12 + DLC 5.0 Next Week.

Konami have today announced that the latest patch and DLC are finally coming to PC. As the image above shows Konami have given the date of the 22 April 2014 as the planned release date.

Both the DLC and patch were released earlier for PS3 and Xbox 360. The feedback after the patch was very positive with many seeing great improvements in the game play and the DLC adding many new faces and kits.

PES 2014: Data Pack 5 Updated Faces Pt1

Today's video features 30 of the new updated faces that are included in the latest PES 2014 Downloadable Content.

The full list of updated faces can be found HERE. Thanks to Robbye and Adam Bhatti for this list.

We will have another video on Monday to show of some more of the updated faces.

17 April 2014

PES2014: World Challenge DLC Trophy Celebration.

Here we have another video of the new World Challenge DLC and this time we show you the celebrations after the game.

Take your team to glory and this is what you are presented with, enjoy!

11 April 2014

PES2014: World Challenge DLC Preview Pt2

Today we have our second part of the World Challenge DLC. This time covering the mode when you start / get to the finals stage.

We plan to have many more videos coming so stay tuned. Next video is due Monday!

9 April 2014

PES2014: World Challenge DLC Preview Pt1

Today we have posted a new video on youtube to show of the new PES2014 World Challenger DLC.

We show you all the menus and options that you have up till your first game.

This shows of the team mode with qualifiers turned on. Soon we will have another video showing you how the mode starts when you start at the finals stage.

3 April 2014

PES 2014: PC Data Pack Coming April.

Konami have announced the first DLC pack for PC is coming out April 8th.

The news was shared on twitter by Adam (PES European Community Manager), here is what he had to say:

"As reported, first PC Datapack coming April 8th. Following that, we'll update everyone on future plans. Still more to come for PC. Thanks."

Adam also went on to thank fans for the warm response to the announcement:

"The warming response from PC fans today has been inspiring. Thank you for your comments. #PES2014"

30% off World Challenger DLC with PS+

Konami and Sony are currently offering 30% off the new PES 2014: World Challenge downloadable content release 26th March to all Playstation Plus subscribers. The normal price for this DLC is £7.99 but with the 30% PS+ offer you will get it for £5.59.

Also this month for Playstation Plus memebers PES 2014 is free to download from the Playstation Store.

To find out for about the World Challenge DLC follow this link: PES 2014: World Challenger DLC Announced!

28 March 2014

PES 2014: Free on Playstation Plus in April

Sony have confirmed that PES 2014 will be free as part of there Playstation Plus Instant Game Collection in April.

The update to the Playstation store will be live on the 2nd April.

There is no better time to get PES 2014 with many players giving very positive feedback on the latest patch and DLC released by Konami.