17 April 2014

PES2014: World Challenge DLC Trophy Celebration.

Here we have another video of the new World Challenge DLC and this time we show you the celebrations after the game.

Take your team to glory and this is what you are presented with, enjoy!

11 April 2014

PES2014: World Challenge DLC Preview Pt2

Today we have our second part of the World Challenge DLC. This time covering the mode when you start / get to the finals stage.

We plan to have many more videos coming so stay tuned. Next video is due Monday!

9 April 2014

PES2014: World Challenge DLC Preview Pt1

Today we have posted a new video on youtube to show of the new PES2014 World Challenger DLC.

We show you all the menus and options that you have up till your first game.

This shows of the team mode with qualifiers turned on. Soon we will have another video showing you how the mode starts when you start at the finals stage.

3 April 2014

PES 2014: PC Data Pack Coming April.

Konami have announced the first DLC pack for PC is coming out April 8th.

The news was shared on twitter by Adam (PES European Community Manager), here is what he had to say:

"As reported, first PC Datapack coming April 8th. Following that, we'll update everyone on future plans. Still more to come for PC. Thanks."

Adam also went on to thank fans for the warm response to the announcement:

"The warming response from PC fans today has been inspiring. Thank you for your comments. #PES2014"

30% off World Challenger DLC with PS+

Konami and Sony are currently offering 30% off the new PES 2014: World Challenge downloadable content release 26th March to all Playstation Plus subscribers. The normal price for this DLC is £7.99 but with the 30% PS+ offer you will get it for £5.59.

Also this month for Playstation Plus memebers PES 2014 is free to download from the Playstation Store.

To find out for about the World Challenge DLC follow this link: PES 2014: World Challenger DLC Announced!

28 March 2014

PES 2014: Free on Playstation Plus in April

Sony have confirmed that PES 2014 will be free as part of there Playstation Plus Instant Game Collection in April.

The update to the Playstation store will be live on the 2nd April.

There is no better time to get PES 2014 with many players giving very positive feedback on the latest patch and DLC released by Konami.

19 March 2014

PES 2014: World Challenger DLC Announced.

Konami have released the first details for there latest DLC which is due out 26th March and called World Challenge.

World Challenge is a new International Mode which players will be able to take a team or a single player to International glory.

The DLC out next week will cost £7.99

At the same time next week there will be a free DLC and patch released for everyone to enjoy, below is the press release from Konami with more details of what to expect in both the World Challenger and free DLC:

Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. has announced new DLC content for PES 2014, with an all-new World Challenge mode featuring a new International Cup.

The new content is available for PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360 and integrates an all-new International Cup competition into PES 2014. The mode charges the user with guiding their international team or player to glory in the International Cup competition. In ‘Team’ mode, the user governs every aspect of play, from team selection, to choosing offensive and defensive tactics. While ‘Player’ mode sees the player striving to earn selection and retain their place via their performances in a game.

The World Challenge mode runs the full gamut of a top-level competition, from qualifying rounds, through to the main tournament. Within it, players can adapt their squads in the run up to qualification, set up friendly matches to recruit new talent, and finally enter the group and knock out stages of the tournament. The mode features separate qualification competitions for European, African, American and Asian sides, with a set number from each continent allocated spaces.

The DLC features entirely new presentation and front-end elements, with options to view squad details down to the finest detail, while new AI elements see players responding to strong performances and raising their game, or suffering a crisis of confidence which can affect their playing levels. New cut scenes have been added too, presenting your final squad selection once you qualify for the International Cup following a successful regional qualification round. World Challenge mode also includes the official Brazilian national team and player likeness.

As part of the continued support of PES 2014, a free DLC and patch will be available on the same day, updating a whole host of features. It will update 9 International team kits such as Italy, Portugal and Greece, as well as implementing new boots from Nike, Adidas, Puma and Umbro. Also included are over 60 player face updates and additions, with lifelike representations of England’s Jack Wilshere, Spain’s David Silva and Gerard Pique, and Germany’s Mario Götze and Marco Reus. The new adidas Brazuca ball will added.

The patch will improve gameplay for a smoother experience, while bringing in new cheating measures for online play, as well as the ability to select the World Challenge mode (purchase required to access).

World Challenge Mode will be available to download on March 26th, priced £7.99/€9.99, with free DLC and patch released at same time.

27 February 2014

PES 2014: DLC Out Now

The latest DLC is now out for PES 2014. To download the DLC load up PES 2014 in your PS3 or Xbox 360 and click on Statistics on the left hand side and then Data Pack Update!

Whats included:

Updates to the team squads post Winter Transfer Window.

New French, German and Spanish National strips.

16 new boots from Adidas. Nike, Puma/ Umbro and Mizuno

5 new match balls including UEFA Champion League official match ball for the final and knockout phrase and the Argentinean League match ball.

New Classical and 3rd Strips including:

European Classic Strips: AC Milan (1899), SL Benfica (1961-62), AS Roma (1982-83), Manchester United (1998-99)

3rd Strips: Manchester United, Juventus, Inter + another 40+

12 February 2014

PES 2014 Patch 1.07 Released

Konami have today released the latest patch for PES 2014 (1.07) on the PS3 and Xbox 360 which contains the following changes and improvements:


- More Camera Settings are available in the Team Play Lobby in addition to the existing Vertical setting.

All Modes:

-The game sometimes causes the PS3 system to suddenly turn off (Giving 3 quick bleeps). We have greatly reduced the probability of this happening, but are also working for a complete fix.

- The system gives off a warning sound (3 short beeps) then shuts down when trying to quit the game using PS Home button.

All Modes:

-Correct roles can be given to players who are substituted then moved into a different position at the same time

Improvements were made to the sensitivity of cursor movements on the the Game Plan screen


-Users can now correctly select their ML teams in Team Select as opposed to receiving an error stating that the data could not be used as it belonged to another user

- Player names will be correctly displayed when team data exported onto a different hardware system is imported (As opposed to Dummy)

Become a Legend: 

- £0 wage contracts can no longer be signed. This occurred when a player both submits a transfer request and receives an offer on deadline day of the Transfer Window.

- The game will now correctly recall search conditions when looking for player.


- Online match results shown after the final whistle were sometimes displayed as [%d].

- Random player form settings were not correctly applied when playing consecutive matches


- Once a teams line up of substitutes has been edited, saved and then loaded again, changes were sometimes lost.

- Player icons on the pitch would sometimes disappear


- Edited player faces changed when the patch file was implemented.

In addition, we've fine-tuned each mode to improve your overall gaming experience 

The patch is available now. It's still unknown whether there will be a patch for the PC version.

Sources: PESFAN and WENB

30 January 2014

Konami Talks PES 2015

The Konami Europe President Shinji Hirano has announced that the Konami studio in UK is working on the next gen version of PES 2015:

"I cannot give details on exactly what we are doing with the UK studio, but they are working on the next project and looking at the needs of the European people. It's about globalising the franchise, so it is not just being developed by Japanese people."

Konami’s Shinji Hirano became the head of its European operations, in 1st February 2012. He became a part of Konami's strategy to expand its borders to Europe by opening the UK studio in Windsor. The studio staff includes designers, artists, and programmers.

Shinji Hirano explains further that he acknowledges that the series is far from its former glory and popularity, but also says that they know where they have gone wrong and what needs to change to make a comeback. Shinji Hirano has big hopes for this year's installment:  

"We know what's been going wrong with PES," added Hirano, "we are working on that. The next version is totally changed. 2014 is a transitional year for the franchise, so expect big things."

According to videogamer Konami plans to make their next-gen debut with PES 2015 on PS4 and presumably Xbox One even though only PS4 has been confirmed by Konami so far. PES 2015 will be released later this year.